A Cover Letter Tip Guaranteed To Land You More Job Interviews!

Written by Jimmy Sweeney

Looking for a new job?

I'm about to reveal one ofrepparttar most powerful cover letter tips you'll ever discover. This little-known secret can dramatically increase your job interview requests all by itself.

Here's a 'not-so-subtle' hint for you:

P.S. -- This tip works like a charm and commandsrepparttar 134924 attention of every reader!

Did you catch that hint? It's true, by adding a simple P.S. -- or Post Script -- after your signature, atrepparttar 134925 bottom of your cover letter you can literally grabrepparttar 134926 undivided attention of any person reading it. And, if your P.S. is a brief, direct and clearly-worded request forrepparttar 134927 opportunity to be interviewed, you will land more job interviews thanrepparttar 134928 vast majority of your competition.

Why doesrepparttar 134929 P.S. work so perfectly with a cover letter?

Advertisers and marketers have been usingrepparttar 134930 P.S. to sell various widgets successfully for decades. In fact, it is one ofrepparttar 134931 most powerful sales strategies of all time. The general public has literally been 'trained' by these highly-skilled marketers to read any P.S. they see atrepparttar 134932 end of a letter. Many times consumers shoot straight torepparttar 134933 end ofrepparttar 134934 letter to readrepparttar 134935 P.S. first! I'll bet you've done this yourself on more than one occasion.

Senior Approved Services Announces Hiring of Marketing/Sales Associates

Written by Janet Simms

“We received nearly 3,000 phone calls from seniors and their family caregivers inrepparttar past twelve months searching for elder care services that were Certified Senior Approved”, states Barbara Mascio, founder of Senior Approved Services. “Clearly we did not have nearlyrepparttar 134865 amount of services within our network to assist these families.”

Senior Approved Services provides a one-call solution for seniors that are in need of anything from a handy man service to assisted living and everything in between. They do not charge a fee torepparttar 134866 senior for this service.

“The push now (in our development), is to invite businesses to apply for Certification as a Senior Approved Service. We have proven that our service is clearly in demand by consumers of elder care services”, says Ms. Mascio. See http://www.qualityeldercare.com/providers

The telecommuting position offers full training and ongoing support fromrepparttar 134867 Cleveland Ohio office. You may work full or part time from your home office and all materials are provided to you at no fee.

“Tracking our inquiry calls overrepparttar 134868 past twelve months, we know we need associates in Ohio, California, Illinois, Idaho, New York, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Colorado, … actually every state inrepparttar 134869 US, but especially these particular states,” offers Ms. Mascio.

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