A Copywriter Speaks: Hey, Give Me Back My Pen!

Written by Dina Giolitto

Itís no wonder I have a permanent crick in my neck. Iíve spentrepparttar last ten years shaking my head piteously at people who think they can write. Fellow scribes, let us gather now for a virtual group hug, as we console each other forrepparttar 138434 fruitlessness that is our existence.

Okay, Iím being a little dramatic. But itís true; innumerous individuals think they donít need my services. Guess again, friends! You needrepparttar 138435 writer. Iíve seen what happens when you give it a go on your own, and it isnít pretty.

To my copywriting cohorts: you know who I mean. Theyírerepparttar 138436 ones who keep you hunched over that keyboard, slogging away intorepparttar 138437 wee hours ofrepparttar 138438 morning, only to send back a bastardized draft revision thatís rife with bad grammar, sloppy sentence structure and headlines that wouldnít fly in an eighth grade English essay. Whatís a writer to do? Work your magic, of course! I never thought I had special powers. But maybe I do, because thatís what pandering types tell me just after theyíve grammatically raped another one of my brainchildren. Little do they know,repparttar 138439 painstaking way in whichrepparttar 138440 copywriter chooses his words!

Good copywriting carries some emotional weight; thatís what gives it substance. The challenge an advertiser faces is to harnessrepparttar 138441 emotion ofrepparttar 138442 audience and spur them to action. Still, people often fail to recognize thereís a distinct method torepparttar 138443 madness. They tamper with your creation; they muck up your words; they carelessly trod upon your masterpiece! You protest, gently, but still they always win. Why? You canít prove them wrong. You can only barrage them with more words. See how confusing it becomes?

In writing, there are two partners at play; emotion, and logic. Emotion isrepparttar 138444 silly-putty of communication; logic is that little plastic container you keep it in. Iíll say it another way: word choice and sentence structure. The problem is such: there is no tangible way to defend your emotional method of persuasion (or word choice), and asrepparttar 138445 language continues to evolve, logic (or sentence structure) is also going outrepparttar 138446 window.

Copywriting FAQs

Written by Dina Giolitto

One ofrepparttar biggest challenges a copywriter faces is to make future clients feel confident in his or her ability. You know you can deliver, but your clients don't know that... yet! In my own experiences as a freelancer, I've noticed thatrepparttar 138433 most hesitant potential clients often askrepparttar 138434 same questions. Following are answers to help allay their fears.

Copywriting FAQ's:

1. How do I know your writing style isrepparttar 138435 right one for my company?

I understand where this question comes from, because I ask it myself when I need to solicitrepparttar 138436 help of another writer. A good copywriter would never inject her own personality or opinion intorepparttar 138437 work she does for other people. Rather, she adoptsrepparttar 138438 appropriate tone for their particular industry.

When it comes to writing, I consider myself something of a chameleon. If you take a look atrepparttar 138439 varied samples on my website, Wordfeeder.com, you'll see that I can change my colors to suit a purpose. Am I Cybil? No, I'm just good at imitatingrepparttar 138440 way that people talk.

Professional copywriters will agree: language is a handy tool for manipulating emotions. If you choose your words carefully, you can make people respond in a certain way. If you know how your target audience thinks and speaks, you can communicate with them in a way that brings a favorable reaction. It's sort of like being emotionally multilingual!

How is a copywriter able to write a whimsical children's story one day and a hard-hitting marketing brochurerepparttar 138441 next? Acute awareness ofrepparttar 138442 audience, andrepparttar 138443 ability to switchrepparttar 138444 "voice" that comes out throughrepparttar 138445 words. You do this allrepparttar 138446 time without even thinking about it!

Let's say you're a lawyer by day, and a family man by night. Imagine yourself having a phone conversation with a client. What words do you choose to convey your message? What tone do you take? Later on, after you've hung up, you're tucking your little boy in forrepparttar 138447 night. He asks for a bedtime story. Do you speak to him inrepparttar 138448 same manner you used earlier onrepparttar 138449 phone? Of course not! You instinctively change your tone, from cool and professional to tender and fatherly. This isrepparttar 138450 same strategy that copywriters use to make their living. It's our job to represent YOUR company, by masteringrepparttar 138451 language that your audience understands.

2. We just became acquainted. How can you write for someone you barely know?

Once you sign a writing contract with me, I make it my business to know who you are and what you stand for. If you're a corporation, then I takerepparttar 138452 time to familiarize myself with your company philosophy. If you're an individual, I learn your goals and personal style. It's incredibly important for a copywriter to know what makes his clients tick... so that he can embody this in his writing and effectively drawn in a responsive audience. The process happens in steps.

1. We'll have an initial phone conversation or email correspondence.

2. I'll send you a questionnaire that you can either fill out in detail, or we can discuss overrepparttar 138453 phone.

3. I research your company, industry, and target audience.

Every so often I use an icebreaker to get things flowing between me and my entrepreneur clients. This is great fun for me, and my clients really seem to enjoy it, too. I send them what I call Twenty Questions; an informal quiz that will help me get a flavor for who they are. Two sample question fromrepparttar 138454 quiz:

- What'srepparttar 138455 thing that drives you get out of bed every morning, ready to face a new day? - If you were a superhero, what would your special power be?

Sounds a bit offrepparttar 138456 wall when placed in this context, but let me stress that I only userepparttar 138457 quiz on select clients (never for corporations). It works every time! Remember: my goal is to capturerepparttar 138458 essence of who you are and what you represent. We're going to keep on trying until we hitrepparttar 138459 nail onrepparttar 138460 head.

3. What do you know about branding?

People ask me this allrepparttar 138461 time. Branding is nothing more than a concept, but an unbelievably important one that should berepparttar 138462 basis for all of your advertising messages. Branding isrepparttar 138463 gradual process by which you burn your name intorepparttar 138464 mind ofrepparttar 138465 consumer. Some classic examples of branding at its finest? General Electric. McDonalds. Microsoft. You get an instant and distinct impression when you hear these names. That's some killer branding all right!

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