A Content Management Tool Provides the 5 Essentials of Communication

Written by Joe Miller

The five essentials of communication come as an answer torepparttar questions left inrepparttar 147577 wake of ad hoc collaboration. Businesses do it, whether large or small. Sure,repparttar 147578 ideal would be perfect control of documents as they get passed around and changed. But when deadlines fall due, or when something unexpected is called for by your boss or your clients, it simply needs to get done. The problem, however, comes when it’s time to pull a document back together again after it has been passed around and pulled apart inrepparttar 147579 ad hoc editorial process. All that’s left is questions.

That’s where a content management tool comes in. Since all you were left with were questions,repparttar 147580 5 essentials of communication that a content management tool provides are simply answers. Answers torepparttar 147581 questions “Where is version X stored?” “When was version Y created?” “Who created version Z?” “What changes were made to these versions?” and “How am I supposed to bring them together?”

Here is another question for you: Do these questions sound familiar? I thought so. But when answers are available, businesses want them. So, Adam Smith’s invisible hand has reached intorepparttar 147582 market again to createrepparttar 147583 content management tool, often referred to as Groupware. Let’s take a look at how exactlyrepparttar 147584 content management tool providesrepparttar 147585 answers.


The content management tool, or groupware, needs to contain Digital Thread technology, which places information inrepparttar 147586 metadata of an electronic document--this includesrepparttar 147587 MS applications most businesses use--and tracksrepparttar 147588 document and its versions across email your desktop and servers, literally threading togetherrepparttar 147589 document versions. You will always know where a document is stored.

3 Reasons Why CRM Strategies Fail

Written by Matt Hogansworth

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one ofrepparttar most effective tools for improving customer relationships and therefore increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, and customer retention. Unfortunately, some CRM strategies fail. This leaves CRM vendors and their customers baffled, but there a few common reasons why a CRM strategy will fail.

1. Too much focus onrepparttar 147547 CRM vendor and technology. Some companies get too caught up in havingrepparttar 147548 best possible CRM strategy out there. Some companies want entire call-centers, On-Demand CRM, Web-based, and Blackberry devices which allow their IT people to enter customer information wirelessly. While these technologies are extremely helpful, too much emphasis on them can lead any company astray. It is naturally very important to selectrepparttar 147549 best CRM vendor for your company, but best does not always mean flashiest.

2. Not enough focus onrepparttar 147550 customer. Companies can focus too much on technology and strategy, and not enough on what is atrepparttar 147551 core of CRM:repparttar 147552 customer. The first letter in CRM stands for “Customer” and sorepparttar 147553 customer should be first when thinking about any CRM strategy. A call-center can be wonderful if it is customer friendly. However, some call centers are too complicated and alienaterepparttar 147554 customer fromrepparttar 147555 company. Alienation isrepparttar 147556 exact opposite of what companies want to achieve when implementing CRM. The real ROI of CRM is found in customer retention andrepparttar 147557 acquisition of new customers. In order to have success with CRM, a company must work towards building a strong relationship with its customers. CRM isrepparttar 147558 path through whichrepparttar 147559 customer andrepparttar 147560 company can understand each other. Focusing on technologies and ignoringrepparttar 147561 basics of customer service will cause evenrepparttar 147562 most technologically advanced CRM strategy to go wrong.

3. Rushing into CRM adaptation. Sometimes, company presidents getrepparttar 147563 idea of CRM into their head and decide that their entire company must

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