A Coffee Break From The Cares Of Life

Written by Thomas Cherian

There are timesrepparttar world weighs down on you. Andrepparttar 139780 city screams into your ears. When every hour seems likerepparttar 139781 rush hour and life passes by in a haze. Times when you know you've got to take your foot offrepparttar 139782 pedal. And find some place where your cares wont find you. Likerepparttar 139783 enchanting Orange County - Coorg, set amidstrepparttar 139784 cool, deep green coffee-laden hills of Coorg. Where you can leave behindrepparttar 139785 crowded cities and explorerepparttar 139786 pathways of nature. Forgetrepparttar 139787 deafening world and listen torepparttar 139788 silence. Speak torepparttar 139789 forests. Be charmed by history. Stay spellbound by an exotic culture. And take and unforgettable coffee break!

Sip and you will be surprised. You'll wonder how Coorg, a little district in South India, has managed to retain such a distinctive culture in spite of successive rulers likerepparttar 139790 Kadambas, Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas,repparttar 139791 Vijayanagara Kings andrepparttar 139792 British. You'll discover legends garnished byrepparttar 139793 arrival of coffee taking you way back torepparttar 139794 17th century. You'll learn howrepparttar 139795 rolling plantations of coffee andrepparttar 139796 plantation culture introduced byrepparttar 139797 British added colonial grandeur to this magic land.

10 Thoughts On Picking a Cruise Ship Cabin

Written by Ken Weasley

The best advice is to be informed about cabins and pickrepparttar right cabin for you amongrepparttar 139716 thousands available on a cruise ship.

1. One ofrepparttar 139717 most difficult parts of planning for a cruise is choosingrepparttar 139718 right cabin. Everyone has different tastes, and what is not important to one person might well be important to you.

2. Look atrepparttar 139719 cruise ship layout and decks online or in brochures. Know that there are different types of cabins on different cruise ships. The biggest differences between cruise lines--mainstream and luxury--ships arerepparttar 139720 quality of accommodations.

3. Sometimes there are over 20 different categories on a ship! So it is important to knowrepparttar 139721 different cabin categories. One reason is that thanks to modern shipbuilding, most inside and outside staterooms are standard in size and amenities. Comparing one vessel's cabins against another is daunting task, so keep your eye onrepparttar 139722 square footage asrepparttar 139723 most important criteria.

4. Know your budget and what you can afford. The price of a cruise ship cabin or stateroom (the terms are interchangeable) is dependent on its size, layout, and location. The cabins on large cruise ships come in standard, ocean view, balcony, and suite. A luxury line's smallest cabins are much larger than those on large cruise lines and are either ocean view or balconied.

5. Know your lifestyle. Price is certainly a consideration, but if your vacation time is limited, you might be willing to pay more to get a cabin better suited to your lifestyle. It's a personal decision, much like deciding where to cruise and which ship to cruise on. How about an outside cabin with a window, or better yet a balcony? How about sitting onrepparttar 139724 balcony with a good book or using it to catch a breathe of sea air?

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