A "Closed Door Event" That Opened The Doors To A Sales Frenzy

Written by Kris Mills

With sales promotions being an everyday part of life, many shoppers are starting to become desensitised torepparttar value of "sales". Here's a unique type of "sale" that not only significantly increases your sales figures, it also enables you to maximise repeat trade.

If you have stock to clear or are about to introduce a new range, a "Customer-only Closed Door Event" delivers an outstanding opportunity to cement your relationship with your customers and bump up your sales figures inrepparttar 127288 process.

A few years ago I attended one such "Closed Door" event put on by a swimwear retailer at Pacific Fair onrepparttar 127289 Gold Coast. The free gift was a pair of bike shorts.

It was a Monday night so most shops were closed yetrepparttar 127290 shopping centre was absolutely packed with people who were all there to attendrepparttar 127291 "closed door sale". There were queues leading out intorepparttar 127292 car park ... imagine that, people queuing up just to get intorepparttar 127293 store. They weren't just taking their nibblies and their free gift and leaving, they were buying up and buying up big time. It was extraordinary.

Here's another example ...

One of our customers, a furniture importer was having a clearance sale of a range of unusual pieces that didn't match her usual collection, and instead of offeringrepparttar 127294 furniture torepparttar 127295 public, she ran a closed door event where she sent out invitations to 50 people. As a gift for attending, she gave guests picture frames that she had picked up for a song. All up, 57 people visited and she soldrepparttar 127296 entire collection.

Here's a summary of how your "closed door event" can work ...

Build a mailing list of customers and whenrepparttar 127297 timing is right, send a beautifully printed invitation inviting them to a very special "closed door event" where they'll be treated to nibblies and champagne and see a preview of your exciting new range.

The 10 Myths of Successful Selling

Written by John Mitchell

Myth #1 You should close early and often

Myth #2 Sell features to get a higher price

Myth #3 Thereís no methodology to selling - itís pure art

Myth #4 Objections are a sign of customer interest

Myth #5 Open questions are better than closed questions

Myth #6 You canít teach a person to sell

Myth #7 You have to understandrepparttar difference between wants and needs

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