A Celebration of Life

Written by Diana Kennedy, LMT

As human beings it is inherent to want to self-actualize and build lives of deep profound meaning. This is what each of us came here to do. One way we celebrate life is by getting clear on who we are and what we are here to do. When we are clear, we are able to tap into our purpose and find our passion. I believe that we discover that purpose through our relationship with our spiritual nature. Every person was designed with a purpose in mind. Our passion comes from learning to trust God and letting life unfold.

Our mission isrepparttar same, to allow spirit to express through us. Regardless ofrepparttar 143207 work we do, we can be attuned to spirit. The truth is, we all work for God! A consciousness of God is an awareness of good. When we noticerepparttar 143208 good that is all around us, we are able to live more creatively and with a feeling of celebration. In this way, we make a contribution torepparttar 143209 world no matter what we are doing!

We know from scientific theory that everything is made up of energy. Life itself is energy. Even our words have energy. It makes sense that there is power in people coming together to create change. Mastermind groups, support groups and online groups for personal and spiritual development are tapping intorepparttar 143210 same power that Jesus spoke of when he said, “Where two or more are gathered”. What has been known for centuries is being written about and talked about a lot more openly today.

Do Unto Others Marketing

Written by Diana Kennedy

We’ve all heardrepparttar Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Did you know that this little proverb is also found in allrepparttar 143206 world’s major religions? Fromrepparttar 143207 New Testament we read, All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye so to them; for this isrepparttar 143208 law andrepparttar 143209 prophets. Matthew 7:1.

As individuals, we intend to put this into practice and many times we succeed. Have you ever encountered businesses that you wished followed this axiom? What about your own business? Have you been able to successfully put this principle into practice? Are you reapingrepparttar 143210 full reward of operating your business on Universal Laws?

Using spiritual principles creates an environment suitable for conscious enterprise. By conscious, I mean aware. Running your business with awareness means that your company's practices, policies and businesses plans (including sales and marketing strategies) all come into alignment withrepparttar 143211 spiritual values that you hold.

Ever noticedrepparttar 143212 hype of so many offers?

Recently, I was visiting a website that stated that their product had a special price forrepparttar 143213 next 24 hours. Since I was considering purchasingrepparttar 143214 product for a friend, but couldn’t discuss it withrepparttar 143215 friend until she returned from out of townrepparttar 143216 following week, I was very disappointed. The next day I went back to visit that site, andrepparttar 143217 “so called” special was still on, still attempting to create a sense of desperation from me, their potential customer, to BUY NOW by telling me thatrepparttar 143218 special was on forrepparttar 143219 next 24 hours only.

Well obviously,repparttar 143220 special price was never meant to last only 24 hours. The website was programmed to tell each visitor that only 24 hours was left onrepparttar 143221 reduced price forrepparttar 143222 product that I was interested in. I felt very manipulated, yet it stimulated some great conversation for me and some colleagues around what it means to run a business with spiritual principles.

I know there are many experts out there who would tell us how to run our businesses in order to make millions, and perhaps we can listen and see how their advice can align with our deep spiritual knowing. Then and only then can we move forward and take action, knowing that we run a conscious enterprise.

I’ve heard this question from those in business, “How can I create excitement so that my customers buy? Can I be in integrity with my own values and still run promotions? Is it possible to sell without hype?”

I also hear this a lot, “I've heard that ‘spiritual minded people’ are poor sales people.” This doesn't have to be true. We can berepparttar 143223 fair, honest, and creative people that we are and still create excitement for our products and services, and make a profit!

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