A Case for The Radish

Written by Joni Groves

A Case for The Radish

They sit left behind on relish trays. They’re often by-passed in grocery store refrigerator shelves. The poor radish has gotten a bum rap.

There are at least five different varieties; but for now, I'll spotlightrepparttar popular, red globe variety.

They are a great source of vitamin C and an excellent low calorie snack (only 12 calories in a half cup of radishes).

Radishes are root vegetables that are classified inrepparttar 147876 cabbage and mustard family, thus their strong taste.

Most people eat them raw, with a little salt.

If you’d like your radishes to be a little crispier and a little less sharp in taste, put them in ice water for a couple hours before you plan to eat them.

There are also a number of ways to cook them. Boil a half inch of water, addrepparttar 147877 sliced radishes, and then cover and simmer until tender, adding more water if necessary. Cook five to ten minutes.

To microwave, place a half pound of sliced radishes in a microwave safe dish with 1 tablespoon of water or broth. Cook for approximately four minutes.

Ifrepparttar 147878 taste of raw radishes is a little too pungent for some, try them steamed. Their bright red skin will turn pink when steamed. The easiest way to steam them is to place whole radishes in a vegetable steamer and cook over boiling water until barely tender. Cook approximately eight to twelve minutes.

Brighter Smiles Give Self Esteem Big Boost

Written by Mike Mahon

With new, inexpensive options for tooth whitening, you can improve your self-esteem without emptying your wallet.

Your smile is one ofrepparttar first things people notice about you. Yellow or brown teeth are notrepparttar 147875 best first impression you want to make. Teeth can become discolored for a number of reasons,repparttar 147876 most common being tobacco, coffee, tea, berries, andrepparttar 147877 natural accumulation of tartar over time. The tooth may also be internally discolored by aging, injury, excessive fluoride, and by certain illnesses and medicines. Although discoloration is natural over time, you can have your teeth whitened safely and professionally for a lot less money than you might expect.

Teeth can be whitened in two ways. A patient can have his or her teeth whitened with Zoom™ Whitening, a whitening treatment that uses laser-light activated whitening gel in a comfortable cosmetic dentistry office. Alternatively, they may choose to whiten their teeth at home with a tooth whitening tray system that uses a whitening chemical, which seeps through your enamel and whitensrepparttar 147878 tooth itself.

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