A Cars HVAC System

Written by Kevin Schappell

Not only do we depend on our cars to get us where we want to go, we also depend on them to get us there without discomfort. We expectrepparttar heater to keep us warm when it's cold outside, andrepparttar 102759 air conditioning system to keep us cool when it's hot. We get heat fromrepparttar 102760 heater core, sort of a secondary radiator, which is part ofrepparttar 102761 car's cooling system. We get air conditioning fromrepparttar 102762 car's elaborate air conditioning system. Despite its relatively small size,repparttar 102763 cooling system has to deal with an enormous amount of heat to protectrepparttar 102764 engine from friction andrepparttar 102765 heat of combustion. The cooling system has to remove about 6,000 BTU of heat per minute. This is a lot more heat than we need to heat a large home in cold weather. It's good to know that some of this heat can be put torepparttar 102766 useful purpose of keeping us warm. Air conditioning makes driving much more comfortable in hot weather. Your car's air conditioner cleans and dehumidifies (removes excess moisture),repparttar 102767 outside air entering your car. It also hasrepparttar 102768 task of keepingrepparttar 102769 air atrepparttar 102770 temperature you select. These are all big jobs. How do our cars keep our "riding environment"repparttar 102771 way we like it? Most people thinkrepparttar 102772 air conditioning system's job is to add "cold" air torepparttar 102773 interior ofrepparttar 102774 car. Actually, there is no such thing as "cold," just an absence of heat, or less heat than our bodies are comfortable with. The job ofrepparttar 102775 air conditioning system is really to “remove”repparttar 102776 heat that makes us uncomfortable, and returnsrepparttar 102777 air torepparttar 102778 car's interior in a "un-heated" condition. Air conditioning, or cooling, is really a process of removing heat from an object (like air). A compressor circulates a liquid refrigerant called Refrigerant-12 (we tend to call it "Freon," a trade name,repparttar 102779 way we call copy machines "Xerox" machines). The compressor movesrepparttar 102780 Refrigerant-12 from an evaporator, through a condenser and expansion valve, right back torepparttar 102781 evaporator. The evaporator is right in front of a fan that pullsrepparttar 102782 hot, humid air out ofrepparttar 102783 car's interior. The refrigerant makesrepparttar 102784 hot air's moisture condense into drops of water, removingrepparttar 102785 heat fromrepparttar 102786 air. Oncerepparttar 102787 water is removed,repparttar 102788 "cool" air is sent back intorepparttar 102789 car's interior. Aaaaaah! Much better. Newer cars have R-134 asrepparttar 102790 refrigerant, but work inrepparttar 102791 same way as R-12.

Winter Car Care

Written by Kevin Schappell

Asrepparttar weather turns colder, it is time to think about your car for a second. A little preparation can go a long way to making your winter travels a lot safer. Here is a checklist to get you started. 1.Checkrepparttar 102758 antifreeze. The freezing point can be checked with a simple tool available at any auto parts store. Make sure you checkrepparttar 102759 antifreeze when it's cool. Opening a hot radiator can be a dangerous thing. 2.Checkrepparttar 102760 air pressure in your tires. Asrepparttar 102761 air gets cooler pressure drops in your tires. Maintaining your tire pressures will reward you with higher gas mileage and longer tire life. 3.Make sure you haverepparttar 102762 following items in your car. - Ice Scraper

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