A Car Buying Guide: The Resale Value Of Your Car

Written by John G. Nuble

Right offrepparttar bat, let's clear one thing up. You will not profit from buying a car unless you intend to, or are already inrepparttar 140502 business of buying and selling cars. Depreciation will decreaserepparttar 140503 value of your carrepparttar 140504 longer you use it, no matter what. It isn't an investment, so no matter how you carefully treat it, you can never makerepparttar 140505 money you bought your car with back, much more make a profit off it.

Now with that out ofrepparttar 140506 way, here are some tips to guide you in your car buying expedition, particularly if you do not intend to keeprepparttar 140507 car for life. These are tips to maintainrepparttar 140508 substantial resale value of your new car. Think of it as acceptingrepparttar 140509 fate that your first car buying experience will have to end in a break-up.

- Stick with classic colors and options. A neon green car may strike your fancy, even if no one really understands why, but buying a car fit for resale entails sticking torepparttar 140510 basics.

- Remember that setting uprepparttar 140511 car's engines, audio and detail accessories will not necessarily boostrepparttar 140512 resale value of your car. Why juice it up anyway if you know you want a more expensive car for keeps downrepparttar 140513 financially stable road?

- There are some detailing jobs that will remain classic resale boosts: a nice stereo, sun roofs and leather seats.

- Buying a car that is easily maintained helps, too. Readily available parts and a familiar engine will keep maintenance hassles to a minimum. Polish it, have regular check ups and get multi-point inspections done.

- Think about safety when buying a car. Check ifrepparttar 140514 latest technologies in car safety are present inrepparttar 140515 car. A safe car is a more resalable car than muscle-packed, speed mobiles. Check for airbags, anti-lock breaks, traction control, electronic stability and side airbags.

3 Fast Tips on How To Sell Your Car for the Most.

Written by Graeme Sprigge

Tip 1 - Pick your time. If you can possibly help it, don't sell your car after Christmas, when no one has any money. Consider holiday periods: willrepparttar people be in town or away. Sometimes this can work in your favour because if people are not at work they have more time to look for cars, and they are usually cashed up with nothing to do.

Onrepparttar 140441 reverse side, when buyers are busy working, they don't haverepparttar 140442 time to do a lot of car shopping, which can make negotiating easier.

Additionally for this reason, if you get a buyer to come on a week-night, it is unlikely he can compare yours to other cars - which can sometimes work in your favour.

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