Written by Irvin L. Rozier

I woke up this morning and sensed a change A new direction for merepparttar Lord is about to arrange Many obstacles and hills have been in my way Today isrepparttar 136698 third day ofrepparttar 136699 month of May

I've been hindered and oppressed for many years I've had many doubts and my share of fears The Lord has heard my anguished cries He has seen my tears and took note of my sighs

Jesus knows how many burdens I can take He will intervene and make a way of escape I know his word is strength and truth I read inrepparttar 136700 Bible how he blessed sister Ruth

Does Society Need a St. Bernard?

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

You all knowrepparttar big dogs that carry rum to save Swiss or alpine skiers caught in a storm or some other trouble. That is notrepparttar 136663 St. Bernard I am contemplating but you might think this St. Bernard to be an even bigger dog once you get to know him.

“The intellectual and institutional evolution of these reform movements duringrepparttar 136664 almost exactly one thousand years between Benedict of Nursia (who foundedrepparttar 136665 monastery of Monte Cassino in about 529) and Martin Luther (who enteredrepparttar 136666 monastery ofrepparttar 136667 Augustinian Hermits at Erfurt in 1505) is a story of inestimable importance forrepparttar 136668 history of Europe and ofrepparttar 136669 world. (13) Over and over, it wasrepparttar 136670 primitive model of Christ as Monk, and ofrepparttar 136671 monk asrepparttar 136672 imitator ofrepparttar 136673 model, that animated these reform movements. There is in some ways a depressing repetition of pattern, as each monastic reform in its turn protests against decline and stagnation inrepparttar 136674 monasteries, sets up new administrative and disciplinary structures to reverserepparttar 136675 downward trend, prevails for a century or two, and then proves itself vulnerable torepparttar 136676 same tendencies of stagnation and decline. Benedict of Aniane inrepparttar 136677 Carolingian period; Odo of Cluny andrepparttar 136678 Cluniac reform movement a century or so later; about a century after thatrepparttar 136679 monastic reformation that began at Citeaux, which throughrepparttar 136680 powerful life and Christocentric thought of Saint Bernard spreadrepparttar 136681 Cistercian message throughout Europe; thenrepparttar 136682 friars ofrepparttar 136683 twelfth and thirteenth centuries in their new dedication torepparttar 136684 renewal; and, in reaction torepparttar 136685 Protestant Reformation and underrepparttar 136686 inspiration of an intensified Christ-mysticism in sixteenth-century Spain,repparttar 136687 Society of Jesus.” (14)

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