A Brief Time Out

Written by Gregory J. Ballan

A brief timeout

Ever haverepparttar need to simply get off life’s merry go round and simply just watch for awhile? No participation, no accountability, just berepparttar 150716 invisible specter wandering in and out of other lives and circumstances as only a passive observer. I was atrepparttar 150717 zoo a few weekends ago with my three year old daughter and wife. We had spent a few quality hours watching all ofrepparttar 150718 animals and taking delight in Christie’s reactions torepparttar 150719 various sights and sounds around her.

Mrs. Esper tookrepparttar 150720 munchkin on a small carnival ride and I just sat by a large bird cage. It had a twenty foot rock ledge complete with flowing waterfall and three pools all at different levels. There were shelters forrepparttar 150721 various birds and plenty of food. I sat there and stared at this one bird for almost a solid minute, trying to imagine what it would be like to just simply watch everybody atrepparttar 150722 zoo fromrepparttar 150723 inside. No worries, no strife and no real problems. If I were that bird I’d just have a few seeds, float around a bit and simply stare back atrepparttar 150724 weird things peeking back at me. The bird, like allrepparttar 150725 other creatures atrepparttar 150726 zoo, had been taken out ofrepparttar 150727 game. Their life, their instinct for survival, was mute at this point. My mind wandered back torepparttar 150728 pair of tigers sleeping in their habitat. Were they happy? If one could actually assign that human emotion to an animal. Animals can feel stress, fear and anger on an instinctive level; but could an animal actually be happy. Were these animals happy taken out ofrepparttar 150729 day to day struggle for survival to simply be pampered and cared for forrepparttar 150730 rest of their lives. For a hard working human, battered byrepparttar 150731 day to day barrages and obstacles of life, this would seem like a paradise.

Imagine a life where everything is provided for you, no work, no struggle and no worries, just lounging poolside while a bunch of other people walk by and look at you. Who’srepparttar 150732 fool? Is itrepparttar 150733 man inrepparttar 150734 cage orrepparttar 150735 man toiling outsiderepparttar 150736 cage? Who’s imprisoned? The man behindrepparttar 150737 material bars orrepparttar 150738 man chained torepparttar 150739 daily inescapable struggle of survival in a society of moral decay and imperfect social platitude. It’s a difficult question with pluses and minuses on both sides. Onrepparttar 150740 one side ofrepparttar 150741 equation, your basic needs are provided for and there is no real struggle. Life is bereft of pitfalls but also void of opportunity. You have no responsibility to toil, yet your freedom is curtailed byrepparttar 150742 steel cage in which you call home. You are out ofrepparttar 150743 game.

Gifts Unusual LLC To Launch New Product Line

Written by Herman Sequira

Overrepparttar next few months, Gifts Unusual LLC, a Florida based online retailer, will be preparing to launch a line of limited edition, hand carved wooden oil warmers and tart burners and other decorative home decor products.

Currentlyrepparttar 150250 Company retails products widely available from many other retailers inrepparttar 150251 United States. The launch ofrepparttar 150252 limited edition products is an effort to set itself apart fromrepparttar 150253 competition, while offering a unique array of products, which will not be manufactured in bulk and will all be hand carved and signed byrepparttar 150254 artist.

A maximum quantity of 12 of each item will be produced, after which, production of those items will cease. It is hoped thatrepparttar 150255 unique characteristics of these decorative products will make them highly collectible items as well as attractive home accents.

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