A Brief History of Tattooing

Written by David Z

Becauserepparttar historical and archaeological records of most forms of body art are incomplete, we still don't know where and where tattooing originated.

Tattooed mummies providerepparttar 147054 earliest concrete evidence of tattoo, and these have been found in various parts ofrepparttar 147055 world, from Nubia to Peru. Probably t he most ancient tattooed man isrepparttar 147056 "Iceman", a Bronze Age man uncovered after being frozen in a glacier onrepparttar 147057 Tyrolean Alps since 3000 B.C. A tattooed band of stripes was found on his lower back, a simple cross onrepparttar 147058 inside of his left knee and more stripes on his right ankle.

There are many examples of tattooing in ancient Egypt,repparttar 147059 oldest found onrepparttar 147060 mummy of Egyptian priestess ofrepparttar 147061 goddess Hathor at Thebes, Amunet, who lived approximately 4000 years ago, she was tattooed with parallel lines of dots. Because of her religious status, some archaeologists have speculated that her body art had spiritual or magical connotations. Others feelrepparttar 147062 designs were of sexual nature.

Some ofrepparttar 147063 most diverse, ornate, and bizarre body art was found inrepparttar 147064 mysterious and complex world of Maya between 300 and 900 A.D. For Maya, body modification, whether temporary or permanent, were done for spiritual reasons as well as beautification. Full body tattoos or facial tattoos, were acquired by men and women.

When Captain James Cook set sail in his Endeavor in 1769, he visited many islands of Pacific Ocean, most of which included tattooing as part of their culture. It's Cook who gave usrepparttar 147065 "tattoo" word based on similar words in Polynesian cultures that were used to describerepparttar 147066 practice.

On boardrepparttar 147067 Endeavor was Sir Joseph Banks. Along with cataloging many types of animal and plant life, Banks documentedrepparttar 147068 indigenous cultures at every stop alongrepparttar 147069 way. Included in these notes are many references to tattooing. When Banks returned to England in 1771, he disembarked with a permanent memento of his voyage:repparttar 147070 very fist tattoo on a modern Western man!

Clown Fears - How to Prevent Clowns from being Scary

Written by Tom Raymond

No true clown wants to scare a child. However, some children can and do grow up with a Fear Of Clowns--repparttar clinical name for this is coulraphobia. The question is, how can professional clowns prevent children from being scared?

Before even discussing make-up, let's look at some basics. Remember when dealing with children, all adults are "giant-sized" from their perspective. When interacting with children, clowns (or other children's entertainers) need to come to their level physically. Get down on one knee, or sit onrepparttar 147053 floor. Remember what it felt like to be that age.

In a related note, never force a frightened child to come byrepparttar 147054 clown. Parents will very often try to push an obviously frightened child to go byrepparttar 147055 clown, often for a photograph. Something I try to do in this situation is to act frightened myself, greatly exaggerating my "fear" while explaining

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