A Book Can Make You a Bundle!

Written by Kathy Burns

Inrepparttar past 6 months, a new form of Books has grown in popularity onrepparttar 108528 Internet: EBooks. An EBook is simply an Electronic Book distributed via download in Windows, Macintosh, or Palm Pilot file formats. Withrepparttar 108529 widespread acceptance of EBooks, savvy marketers are finding that there is even more opportunity in this area than was first thought.

Creating your own EBooks is not time consuming or expensive but they must be well thought out before they are put onrepparttar 108530 market for sale or download.

First, decide whatrepparttar 108531 purpose of your EBook is. 1. Will it be in an advetorial format? The editorial feel of this approach is beneficial for drawing more attention and traffic to a specific website, product or service.

2. Will it be a how-to manual that teachesrepparttar 108532 reader about something specific? This approach is flexible because you can give it away free as a traffic generator, or if it is comprehensive enough you can actually sell it as a product.

3. Will it be a full fledged book that you will sell? This is becoming more and more popular inrepparttar 108533 online publishing world because it is relatively quick to create and there is very little cost. We suggest that you also make a free advetorial to promoterepparttar 108534 full EBook if you go this route.

Once you have decided how your EBook fits into your business plans, you then must decide onrepparttar 108535 topic. The topic should always relate to your website content or business area of expertise. This will make your EBook more credible and will enhancerepparttar 108536 chances of generating site traffic or sales from those that read your EBook.

Almost any area of expertise can be utilized successfully in an EBook. If your area of expertise is Real Estate, your EBook could contain information on hidden finance secrets, or things to beware of when looking for a new home. If your website is about Japanese tourism, your EBook could containrepparttar 108537 best and worst night clubs to visit while in Japan. The list of ideas can go on for pages, but you getrepparttar 108538 general idea. Write what you know and your EBook will be downloaded by people that want that information. This gives you a very targeted audience and increases your chances of selling products or services to them.

5 Steps in Publishing and Selling Your First E-book

Written by Wayne Perkins

What is an e-book?

An e-book is simply a digital file that contains content that entertains, enlightens or inspires your reader. It can be 5 pages long or 2500 pages long. It can be a complete book that uses all ofrepparttar old fashioned elements of book publishing or an E-book can be a truly creative piece of work. An e-book could be a speech, a series of speeches, a poem, a series of poems, recipes or series of recipes and "how to instructions. E-books can also be short stories like Stephen King's "Ridingrepparttar 108527 Bullet." E-books can contain sound, video and animation or they can resemble a typical paperback book. Look up on Amazon.com and check outrepparttar 108528 top 100 books and see if you can tie in your e-book to a topic area of one ofrepparttar 108529 bestsellers. Write it just like you would write a letter. You do not need any special formatting.

2. Save your e-book as in Microsoft word as a doc. File...text file...and html file

3. Set up an account with Infopost.com. They will host your file and give you a free website page to include your description, reviews, pricing and any other information. Infopost.com is located at: http://www.infopost.com Infopost will also dorepparttar 108530 credit card processing and allow you to post sample chapters or excerpts of your e-books.

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