A Better Life In Easy Steps

Written by Steve Gillman

Want a better life? Big changes are difficult, and take time, but there are many easy steps you can take right now. Take many steps, even small ones, and pretty soon you're getting somewhere.

A Better Life Today

It's easy just to look, right? Start looking for specific ways to make your life better, and to improve yourself. Even if you don't accomplish anything immediately, you are preparing yourself. Thinking about change sets your mind and your motivation in motion.

You're not looking for an excuse to avoid difficult tasks, but you wouldn't expect to quit cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and complaining all at once, right? Just make things better today, in any small way. Seeing results will motivate you forrepparttar more difficult steps. Consider some ofrepparttar 141864 following simple actions.

1. Write down some things you'd like to change. This makesrepparttar 141865 possibility more real, and gets your mind working. Eventually you can make this "wish list" into real goals, with a specific plan.

Lucid Dreaming: Discover a Whole New Universe

Written by Chris Olsen

Did you know that all of your most cherished dreams are just a good nightís sleep away?

Lucid dreamers share one ofrepparttar greatest secrets of modern living. They have discovered a whole new universe-a universe within. They have learned to wake up in their dreams. They fly, explore unknown worlds, live out their deepest fantasies, have profound spiritual experiences, and gain precious insights about themselves.

With a little practice, you too can learn to lucid dream!

Here are some popular techniques people use for learning to wake up in their dreams:

1) Throughoutrepparttar 141863 day, ask yourself if you are dreaming. But donít stop there, because you may ask yourself and decide youíre awake when youíre actually dreaming. Look at some words near you, look away, then look back atrepparttar 141864 words. Didrepparttar 141865 words change? If so, you are dreaming.

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