A Beginner's Guide to Buying House Plans

Written by Antigone Arthur

A Beginner's Guide to Buying House Plans

Learn How to Select a House Plan That Will Result in The Home of Your Dreams

Building a home for most people is one ofrepparttar most adventurous and time consuming projects a family can invest in during a lifetime. Because of that, it is important that care be taken when buying, selecting and implementing a house plan.

Before buying a house plan, you should first ensure you know what you are getting into.

Home Plans: A Beginner's Guide

So what are house plans? House plans easily defined arerepparttar 145419 blueprints for a home that hasn’t been constructed yet.

Some home plans are very detailed and concise, whereas others meet onlyrepparttar 145420 bare minimum requirements for a house plan. One ofrepparttar 145421 more common forms of house plans are stock home plans, which are very detailed blueprints that contain everything a person would need to build a home from scratch.

Stock home plans arerepparttar 145422 same as custom blueprints, but less expensive. One ofrepparttar 145423 benefits of buying house plans online in fact isrepparttar 145424 relative costs savings realized with such a purchase. Most home plans offered online are fashioned after homes that have been built before, yet are also unique house plans because you haverepparttar 145425 ability to customize them in any way you see fit.

How does buying house plans online save you money? If you had to hire a licensed architect or home designer to come out to your plot, examine it and create a custom blueprint from scratch, you’ll be charged up to thousands of dollars more than if you search for stock home plans such as those offered online.

Searching for house plans has never been easier thanks torepparttar 145426 advent ofrepparttar 145427 internet. Even better, becauserepparttar 145428 world wide web allows so many different designers to contribute their blueprints, you can rest assured you will find unique house plans ever where you turn. Your house will be different from your neighbors, unlessrepparttar 145429 two of you get together and purposefully plan on buildingrepparttar 145430 same house.

Benefits of Buying House Plans Online

What are some ofrepparttar 145431 other benefits of buying house plans online?

  • Style -- You get to chooserepparttar 145432 style of your home from a selection of thousands of different unique designs
  • Size -- You can modifyrepparttar 145433 size and select a plan that meets your unique requirements
  • Amenities -- When buying online, you can pick and choose amenities from literally thousands of different choices. You never have to ‘settle’ for something when shopping online.
  • Specificity -- You even haverepparttar 145434 ability to specify your requirements online!
  • Selection -- Fromrepparttar 145435 comfort of your home, you can sort through our database of house plans until you findrepparttar 145436 one that perfectly matches your unique needs. No need to meet with hundreds of different architects or designers to negotiate price, and no need to tear your hair out trying to findrepparttar 145437 house plans that best suit your needs.

You also haverepparttar 145438 ability to change a home plan that almost, but does not quite meet your needs. If you need to make a few changes, no problem.

Findingrepparttar 145439 Perfect House Plan

How do you findrepparttar 145440 perfect house plan forrepparttar 145441 home of your dreams? Findingrepparttar 145442 right house plan requires a little planning. There are several things you should take into consideration when looking at unique house plans such as:

Rooftop deck makeover

Written by Malcolm Kay

Flat rooftops can offer great opportunities for conversion into attractive entertaining or relaxing areas, but contemplating a vast expanse of drab concrete or asphalt and envisaging how to attack such a problem, can be a rather daunting prospect.

Two important points need to be considered atrepparttar outset. Firstly, any objects on a roof top which are not securely fixed, need to be of sufficient weight or size that they will not move or blow away in strong winds.

Secondly, if there is a waterproof membrane onrepparttar 145234 roof, extreme care must be taken thatrepparttar 145235 membrane is not punctured or damaged in any way.

The most important thing that then needs to be decided is what to install onrepparttar 145236 surface. If there’s a waterproof membrane, then it’s obviously not possible to lay conventional ceramic tiles. In that case, probablyrepparttar 145237 best option is to coverrepparttar 145238 area with interlocking wood deck tiles (see for example www.ezydeck.net). These tiles are typically available in 12” squares and are easily laid by just snappingrepparttar 145239 tiles together. Inbuilt connecting tabs onrepparttar 145240 integral plastic mesh base ensure each tile is locked securely torepparttar 145241 adjacent tile to form a continuous deck surface. The gaps betweenrepparttar 145242 wood slats andrepparttar 145243 plastic mesh base allow water to drain freely away and minimizerepparttar 145244 chance of strong winds liftingrepparttar 145245 tiles.

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