A Backpacking List - Ten Things To Learn

Written by Steve Gillman

Have you ever had a backpacking trip that was a disaster - even though you brought everything you needed? Maybe you had matches, but couldn't get that fire going. You need more than good gear to assure a safe and enjoyable wilderness experience. You need to know how to do a few things, andrepparttar following list will get you started.

1. Learn firemaking. Practice in your yard if you have to, but try to start that fire with one match. Try itrepparttar 145546 next time it's raining too.

2. Learn to pitch a tent. Do it wrong andrepparttar 145547 rain will come in, orrepparttar 145548 the wind will tearrepparttar 145549 seams. Tents should be pitched tight, and you should be able to set your tent up in a few minutes.

3. Learn how to stay warm. Practice camping inrepparttar 145550 yard, to see how blockingrepparttar 145551 wind, wearing a hat, and eating fatty foods before sleeping can keep you warmer.

4. Learn to cook over a fire. It's not as easy as it seems. Blockrepparttar 145552 wind, coverrepparttar 145553 pan, keeprepparttar 145554 fire small and concentrated. Practice, and time yourself. Faster is better in a jam, and it's always possible your stove will break.

5. Learn about edible plants. Knowing how to identify cattails and three or four wild edible berries can make a trip more enjoyable, especially if you ever lose your food to a bear.

Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions

Written by VMT Singuillo

How many times have you experienced going to a place that seems interesting yet you have no idea what arerepparttar tourist attractions that city or country has to offer for its visitors? You would be fortunate enough if you have a friend, a family member or a travel agency that can guide you in that place you are visiting.

Unless money is not an issue for you, going through a travel agency could also be costly and many times many of you would say, "I wanted to see more of blah blah blah but I did not have enough time because . . . ."

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have some idea of any tourist attractions ofrepparttar 145545 place you are visiting?

Some ofrepparttar 145546 resources you could find are books andrepparttar 145547 internet. Probably you could borrow a travel book from a library near you. Or probably buy a brand new travel book fromrepparttar 145548 nearest bookstore. But just make sure that those books are updated, otherwise, you might miss new attractions.

Searchingrepparttar 145549 internet is also a good idea. It has tons of resources, however, it could sometimes be confusing. Many sites offer some travel information. One of those is www.yourcheaphotels.com. This site feature a Travel Guide torepparttar 145550 50 states ofrepparttar 145551 US. It features some descriptions of each US state and provides important tourist attractions that travellers should not miss to visit.

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