A 5 Minute Guide To Sports Arbitrage – The New Internet Loophole That Can Make You Money

Written by Tukshad Engineer

Every now and againrepparttar internet throws up some real loopholes. One in particular stands out, and if you’re interested in making some fast pocket money then you should check outrepparttar 116918 concept of sports arbitrage in more detail. Imagine being able to bet on both sides of a sporting event – so that no matter whatrepparttar 116919 result you walk away with a guaranteed profit. Well that’s exactly what arbitrage betting is about – and thanks torepparttar 116920 hundreds of bookmakers that continue to offer online services this arbitrage loophole is growing with more and more opportunities to claim guaranteed cash every day. The best thing is that it’s completely legal, simple to do and once you start chances are you’ll get hooked withrepparttar 116921 guaranteed and fast money that’s there forrepparttar 116922 take.

Before you get too excited lets take a moment to understandrepparttar 116923 mechanics behind arbitrage – an age old concept that has been used by banks and businesses for centuries. Arbitrage simply is an inconsistency inrepparttar 116924 market – where for example due to global differencesrepparttar 116925 same product or service is charged at different prices in different locations. How is this applied to sports betting? An arbitrage opportunity is formed when different bookies have different prices for different outcomes in a particular sporting event. The bottom line is that we can place bets to cover both (all) outcomes with different bookmakers and get back more than we invested each and every time. It’s important to remember that this is a form of investment and not betting – with arbitrage you know your exact return before a ball is kicked or a stroke played. It’s also important to remember that arbitrage returns are generally low – on average yielding 5% to 10% per play – but for an investment that lasts for a couple of hours, that’s pretty good.

An Example Let’s take a look at a real life example of sports arbitrage. During a ladies single game at Wimbledon between Davenport and Clijstersrepparttar 116926 bookies Tote and Victor Chandler pricedrepparttar 116927 outcomes differently: Tote - 3/1 Clijsters to win Victor Chandler - 2/5 Davenport to win To return £100 with Victor Chandler above we would have to invest £71.42. To return £100 with Tote for a Clijsters win we would have to invest £25. Our total collective investment would be just £96.42 - and whoever wonrepparttar 116928 game our total return would be £100. We have just made a guaranteed 3.58% on your money within 2 hours. You can find plenty of these arbitrage opportunities each and every week. How did we calculate how much investment is required to return £100 (including our stake)? We do a very simple calculation: 1. With V.C.repparttar 116929 odds for a Davenport win was 2/9. To find out how much you need to invest to return £100 simply makerepparttar 116930 following calculation: (a) 2/5 + 1 = 1.4 (b) 100/1.4 = £71.43 2. With Toterepparttar 116931 odds for a Clijsters win was 3/1. To return £100 (including our stake): (a) 3/1 + 1 = 4 (b) 100/4 = £25 Total Investment (£71.43 + £25) = £96.42 Total Return REGARDLESS OF OUTCOME £100 Total Profit (£100 - £96.42) = £3.58 risk free. Do you seerepparttar 116932 beauty of this? No matter who wonrepparttar 116933 game you are guaranteed a certain profit of 3.58% - this is a very good return for an investment lasting just a couple of hours that carries absolutely zero risk. The good news is that arbitrage opportunities like these happen many times on a daily basis, and with a little practice you can find quite a few to invest in as you please.

Why Do Arbitrage Opportunities Occur? Arbitrage opportunities occur when there are differences of opinion on a particular sporting event between two or more bookmakers. Remember that thanks to globalization andrepparttar 116934 internet you can use an online bookmaker who is based anywhere inrepparttar 116935 world. There are many reasons why bookmakers may offer wildly different odds onrepparttar 116936 same sporting event. For a start, many bookmakers overstretch themselves when offering odds – they try and cover every possible market to get as many customers as possible. This is great news for us because in doing so they will sometimes offer odds on events that they have little or no expert knowledge in. For example, a bookmaker inrepparttar 116937 USA may know very little about English Division 2 football games, and yet offer odds on them. In contrast, an English bookmaker will be much more “clued up” as torepparttar 116938 likely outcomes fromrepparttar 116939 same games. The result? Wildly different odds onrepparttar 116940 same games, and a feast of arbitrage opportunities and free money for us. And remember, everyday more and more online bookmakers are enteringrepparttar 116941 highly lucrative online gambling market – this is great news for us becauserepparttar 116942 number of juicy arbitrage opportunities will grow well intorepparttar 116943 future! Also, bookmakers are busy people – and when they are forced to offer odds in pressurized situations they can sometimes make mistakes! Again – leading to a nice stream of easy arbitrage pickings.

Milk Another Hour or Two Out of Your Day - Time Management

Written by Lisa Jay

Time management seems to be an issue in almost everyone's lives as there never seems to be enough time inrepparttar day to complete all ofrepparttar 116917 day to day tasks. Whether you are a stay at home parent, a work at home parent or you work outside ofrepparttar 116918 home, I am sure that you could use a few more hours in your day.

Here are several time management tips that will help you to use those few precious hours that you do have wisely;

Get organized! - I can't stress this enough. This isrepparttar 116919 first thing that absolutely needs to be done to improve your time management skills. Think about all ofrepparttar 116920 time that is wasted looking for things; looking for papers, phone numbers, supplies.....your desk top. · Userepparttar 116921 first 15 minutes of your morning to organize your work area. · Go over your "To Do" list and organizerepparttar 116922 things needed to accomplish them.

2. Identify your most productive time - · You may be a morning person or an evening person. I do all of my most difficult tasks when I am fresh inrepparttar 116923 morning. · Use your child's nap time or one hour of "TV time" for your kids to do your most difficult tasks.

3. Make your "To Do" listrepparttar 116924 night before - · Know what you will accomplishrepparttar 116925 next day. That way, you start out with a goal in mind first thing inrepparttar 116926 morning rather than wandering around aimlessly. · Divide your "To Do" list into several page; one list for things to do tomorrow, this week, and one for things to do this month. As you accomplish these goals, cross them off. I write my monthly goals on my calendar.

4. Find more time inrepparttar 116927 day - · Need an extra hour inrepparttar 116928 day? Get up an hour early and have your first cup of coffee or tea sitting atrepparttar 116929 computer going through your e-mails, answering your e-mails and posting to forums. I call these my "day wasters".

5. Schedule it and stick with it · Write one thing that you will accomplish on each day ofrepparttar 116930 week on your calendar. For instance, I file every Monday, do my on-line banking every Wednesday, update my web site on Friday......

6. Avoidrepparttar 116931 big "day wasters" - · Forums, TV, surfingrepparttar 116932 web, and talking onrepparttar 116933 telephone are all huge "day waters" if not used properly. These are all great things, when used in moderation, but can become very addicting and you can seriously lose hours and hours of your day with all of them. · Limit your "day wasters" torepparttar 116934 morning hour of your day. This is a huge time management tip!

7. Household chores and house cleaning - · Clean one thing every day. Cleanrepparttar 116935 kitchen one day, vacuum one day, cleanrepparttar 116936 bathrooms one day..... Wash one load of cloths every day. · Loadrepparttar 116937 washerrepparttar 116938 night before. Startrepparttar 116939 load of cloths washing as you head torepparttar 116940 coffee pot first thing inrepparttar 116941 morning. Dryrepparttar 116942 load while you are doing your other household chores, then hang and put it away. One load is so much more manageable than three! · Make your bed and dorepparttar 116943 dishes before you "go to work". Tidyrepparttar 116944 night before so that you wake up to a neat house and are ready to start working.

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