A 20-Point Checklist for New Home Businesses

Written by Angela Wu

You're eager to start your home business and bring in some extra income. Although you're probably bursting with ideas and enthusiasm and want to jump right in, take some time to plan and prepare for your new venture.

Here's a simple checklist you can use inrepparttar startup phase of your home based business. Feel free to add additional checkpoints of your own!

1) Assess your personality. Are yourepparttar 117491 entrepreneurial type that will do well with your own business? Are you self-motivated, disciplined, and willing and able to put forthrepparttar 117492 effort, time, and money? Are yourepparttar 117493 type that can get up after a failure and try again? There are many quizzes available to help you decide whether or not you're ready for a home business. Try http://quiz.ivillage.com/work ests/areyouready.htm

2) Appraise your skills, knowledge, and experience. Make a list of businesses you think you would be capable of building.

3) Know your interests. If you're doing something you love, you are more likely to work harder and enjoy yourself. A good place to find unique business ideas is here: http://homebasedwork.com/cgi-bin/a .cgi?bizideas

4) Figure out what type of business you want to run. Out ofrepparttar 117494 huge number of possibilities, select one that works well with your skills and your interests. An excellent manual with 16 different Internet 'business models' that you can copy is available at http://buildyourhomebiz.com/rd/senze.html

5) Do some market research. Is there a demand forrepparttar 117495 product you plan to sell, and atrepparttar 117496 price at which you want to sell it? After your (projected) expenses, will you be profitable?

6) Check out your competitors. How will you distinguish yourself from them? Why should customers come to you instead of to them? What are they doing right or wrong, and how can you improve upon them?

7) Select a business name. Make sure you don't infringe upon someone's trademark! You can research trademarks at http://www.marksonline.com/ . Consult with a qualified legal professional for more information.

8) Knowrepparttar 117497 zoning regulations in your area. Make sure that you are permitted to operate a business from your home. Some areas may also place restrictions onrepparttar 117498 type of business that can be operated from your home.

9) Find out what licenses, registration, or permits you need to operate your home based business.

And then My Boss said, Take that Fear and Shove it!

Written by Richard Vegas

Hey gang; Ok it's time to create some good habits. You know, like eating a pork barrel full of Ben and Jerry's ice cream at 3 am inrepparttar morning. Nah......that's notrepparttar 117490 kind of habit I'm talking about. The only habit that will create is a quick trip torepparttar 117491 toilet first thing inrepparttar 117492 morning.

To create a personal success system that never fails requires good habits. Without good habits, you will default to bad habits.

I say this allrepparttar 117493 time....When you go after something don't come back till you get it. Let me illustrate. Inrepparttar 117494 sales profession, people are taught never ask a prospect for his time. Take it; they're taught.

Well, if you think about it, then success in anything you're doing can be boiled down to a scientific formula. Failure can also be boiled down to a formula. Applyrepparttar 117495 one, avoidrepparttar 117496 other. Sounds simple, right?

Then why do so darn many people fail when attempting something worthwhile? Why do so many find themselves sucking wind and always ending uprepparttar 117497 tail instead ofrepparttar 117498 head? Michael Jordan said it best. "I have failed over and over again in my life, and THAT is why I succeed.

Then why do so few people achieve what Michael Jordan has? Fear of failure. No body likes to fail. But failure is only temporary as long as we take another stab at what we're doing.

You say though……..yea, but I'mrepparttar 117499 one that's been stabbed. Ok, so what makes you so special? You think Elvis never failed? You think Henry Ford never failed? What causes failure anyway?

Timidity and Fear! Yuk! I knew you were going to say that.

Yea, that's right. Let me illustrate. I knew a guy a few years ago that was hard up for a job. He told me someone suggested he sell insurance. Yuk, he said, why don't I just slit my wrist? But he said, I can't even get a job driving a garbage truck, so, he did take a job selling insurance.

He said I was scared stiff. He had never sold anything in his life. So, his manager told him, "I'll give you five names everyday to call on. Just make sure to see these peoplerepparttar 117500 very same day. He promised and went home to study his sales material.

Everyday for a week, he made several sales, and then, something interesting happened. His sales manager was in a meeting and could not give him his five names to call on.

He told him to go torepparttar 117501 yellow pages and findrepparttar 117502 names of five owners and call on them. He said that's what I've been doing forrepparttar 117503 last week. And his sales manager said these words to him. "Success is a matter of mental attitude." YOUR attitude. And, your entire career will depend on your attitude.

He said I went out there withrepparttar 117504 same attitude withrepparttar 117505 names I selected as I had withrepparttar 117506 names that my sales manager had picked for me.

Then he said I learned an important lesson about timidity and fear. First of all I recognized fear is nature's way of keeping me from harm, particularly when I don't know what's waiting for me.

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