AUCTION TIP: A Basic eBay Listing Template

Written by Chuck Smith

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A good auction listing must not only read well, but must look professional. Here’s a quick, easy template anyone to make their listing more professional

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AUCTION TIP: A Basic eBay Listing Template

by Chuck Smith

Do you know what drives me nuts on eBay? When I view an item up for auction andrepparttar 117384 listing has no style whatsoever. There’s just a long scroll of text that gives onlyrepparttar 117385 briefest explanation of whatrepparttar 117386 product is and why I should buy it.

Writing a good auction listing is a topic for another article, but I can help those of you who want to spice up repparttar 117387 look of your auction listings with a simple template that will work inrepparttar 117388 eBay “Sell an Item” system.

First, I want to go over a couple of HTML “tags” so you know what allrepparttar 117389 funky little letters inrepparttar 117390 brackets (< >) are for. But don’t worry – I’m not going to try and teach you HTML. I just want to show you a little to keep you from messing up your listing.

First, an HTML TAG is just a quick way for you to let a Web browser know how you want your web page to look like when it is displayed in your Web browser. That’s it.

======================== HTML TAGS =========================

HEADING TAG: This tag designates thatrepparttar 117391 text is a heading and should be larger thanrepparttar 117392 page text. You can designate different sizes of headings (I use heading2 below -


FORMAT: Starts with

and ends with

PARAGRAPH TAG: This tag lets you format a block of text, complete with a break in between paragraphs. The break is always there, and you cannot start a new paragraph onrepparttar 117393 very next line.

FORMAT: Starts with

and ends with

LINE BREAK TAG: This tag is like a carriage return on your word processor or typewriter. This tag will allow you to start onrepparttar 117394 very next line. NOTE: You cannot use more than one Line Break Tag in a row – HTML ignores them.

FORMAT: Put a atrepparttar 117395 end ofrepparttar 117396 line

BULLETTED LIST: This will allow you to create a nice list of items with bullets in front. Great for showing off some features, since people tend to skim pages.

FORMAT: Startrepparttar 117397 list with

    and end with
Each list item gets a
  • in front of it

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