Written by Craig Lock

"You are today what you thought about yesterday You will be tomorrow what you think about today, Every attitude is positive or negative, It doesn't matter what happens to you, It is how you take it that matters."

"Inrepparttar game of life you can be up one moment and down repparttar 124104 next. The reason is not luck as in snakes and ladders, butrepparttar 124105 attitudes you choose consciously or unconsciously." Your attitude will determine your entire outlook on life and how you seerepparttar 124106 world- happy or sad, positive or negative. You can choose to see it through rose-coloured spectacles (the eternal optimist who is out of touch with reality). You can also see everything as dark clouds (the absolute pes- simist), or choose to see that every dark cloud has a silver lining, which is a good attitude to have. Well it's true anyway!

I amrepparttar 124107 eternal optimist, out of touch, some say. Some people pick uprepparttar 124108 doom and gloom portrayed by news- papers andrepparttar 124109 media and transfer it to their own daily living. Attitude clouds verything that happens to you and how you react to situations, crises, etc.

Your attitude is your perception of an event- it is your reality. You may perceive a certain situation to be a disaster, while another person may see it differently, as a positive oppor- tunity for trying something new: e.g.. on redundancy or job loss or loss of a relationship.

As we have seen, one's attitude is closely related to your self-image and it is probablyrepparttar 124110 most critical factor in deter- mining how successful or how happy you will be in life. The inner attitude you have about yourself will determine your level of success far more thanrepparttar 124111 skills and training you have ever received.


Personally, due to a traumatic event some years ago, my self-image was severely knocked, which impacted on my attitude for quite a length of time. This was passed onto my wife, who suffered a severe emotional crisis. Our neg- ative attitudes, together with extraneous circumstances, made life very difficult and stressful, leading to misjudge- ments, personal trauma and an inability to make decisions.

However, entirely on our own, we have lifted ourselves and bit by bit, regained our normal positive attitudes, which has enabled us to achieve wonders and a happy life- style.


Your thoughts become your beliefs, and your thoughts determine whether "good" (positive), or "bad" (negative) messages are sent fromrepparttar 124112 brain torepparttar 124113 rest of your body. There is a complex relationship betweenrepparttar 124114 mind andrepparttar 124115 body. Physical disorders are caused by your state of mind. What you think can literally make you sick or healthy. The attitude you hold about yourself can give rise to feel- ings of joy, despair, anger, rage, etc. and can even cause heart disease, asthma, and ulcers known as psychosomatic illnesses).

The attitude you hold about yourself also affects your relation- ships with other people. After a divorce, when a person's confidence is at a low level and they may feel a failure, they are more likely to die of certain medical disorders (because their mental powers of resistance and self-esteem are low).

Are You a World Class Dreamer

Written by Chris Small

Contemplatingrepparttar new century, my mind wandered back torepparttar 124103 turn ofrepparttar 124104 last century. I thought about some ofrepparttar 124105 great men and women who made a profound impact on society by putting their dreams into action. I think you can observe a lot aboutrepparttar 124106 future from looking atrepparttar 124107 past.

Let's step BACK 100 years (or there abouts) and reflect onrepparttar 124108 accomplishments of those who dared to dream. Most of these dreamers had to overcome incredible obstacles before their ideas would make it torepparttar 124109 world stage. But each and every one of these people have had an affect on your daily life.

10,000 Failures precede Success

Most famous people are known for just one great feat or discovery. Not so with Thomas Edison. He is personally responsible for over 1,000 patented inventions. Many of those discoveries have evolved into products that we take for granted as a part of our everyday lives. The most famous of course, isrepparttar 124110 incandescent light bulb. This discovery/invention required 10,000 recorded experiments before Edison could use it.

Edison liked to make bold statements about his plans and then fulfillrepparttar 124111 statement. His belief in himself was so strong that he publicly promised a minor invention every 10 days and a major "big trick" item every 6 months. History records that he lived up to his word.

Committed to an Asylum

Guglielmo Marconi believed that messages could be sent through repparttar 124112 air. This idea atrepparttar 124113 time was so absurd to most people that at one point his friends had him committed to an asylum. His vision was clear enough, and strong enough to withstandrepparttar 124114 ridicule and embarrassment. He KNEW that it could be done. On Dec 12, 1901 he finally was able to prove it torepparttar 124115 world. He had a telegrapher tap repparttar 124116 letter "S" from Cornwall England. Meanwhile, Marconi was 2700 kilometers away in St John's Newfoundland with his new receiver and kite antenna. Withrepparttar 124117 success of this experiment Radio and later TV were born.

Nobody Showed Up

Orville and Wilbur Wright dreamed of being able to soar above repparttar 124118 earth likerepparttar 124119 birds. The closest way to achieve this atrepparttar 124120 time was with an air balloon. On Dec 17, 1903 they demonstrated their heavier than air flying machine at Kitty Hawk NC. You would expect there to be a lot of interest fromrepparttar 124121 press and general public for such a momentous occasion. "Not many were willing to facerepparttar 124122 rigors of a cold December wind in order to see another flying machine not fly,"repparttar 124123 Wrights later recalled. But it did fly, and there were enough spectators watching to getrepparttar 124124 word out to repparttar 124125 world. A new industry was born.

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