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Written by Pete Lafond

Impress users with compete and ready to run n-tier web applications in under 2 minutes while generating very well structure VB.Net and C# . Generated applications include role based security, nice looking tabs, charting, searching, sorting, filtering, menus, pictures and field validation edits. ASPNetNow will save you valuable time in creating complete professional looking applications that are ready to run. Uniquely, ASPNetNow generates VB.Net and C# code that exactly follow Microsoft’s coding examples. You can even completely customized your application using Microsoft’s Visual Studios or Web Matrix (free) giving them your personal touch. The key to developing any application is to have a solid database structure asrepparttar foundation. ASPNetNow uses this foundation to architect logical code modules and then formulates these modules into a complete working application. All you need to do is definerepparttar 102803 database and define where your application will be published, ASPNetNow does allrepparttar 102804 rest.


Written by Bobbi Katz

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