Written by Mason Duchatschek

Are you busy or are you productive? The question is innocent enough. But can you handlerepparttar truth?

Recently I was doing some consulting with a client who carefully examined how his sales representatives spent their time. He concluded that they actually spent less than 5 percent of each day engaged inrepparttar 127391 act of selling! Imagine, 95 percent of each sales day spent on nonselling activities. Writing letters, putting together information packets, filling out paperwork, telephone prospecting, and traveling consumed their days.

As you can imagine, my client wanted to grow sales revenues. Some sales trainers attempt to convince prospects that training isrepparttar 127392 answer for everything. While I encouragerepparttar 127393 acquisition of knowledge and new skills, I disagree withrepparttar 127394 blind assumption that training is always a cure for poor sales performance.

Let’s pretend that he sent his entire staff to a sales training seminar, and they learned skills that made it possible for them to double their closing percentages. The improvement would only be useful during that 5 percent of each day they spent selling.

Adding salespeople isn’t alwaysrepparttar 127395 answer either! If each rep is spending 5 percent of their day selling, it would take another 19 reps to achieve 8 hours of selling time. Common sense will tell you thatrepparttar 127396 costs of recruiting, training, and managing such a force would be an awful waste of potential profit.

Time Management Tips

Written by John Boe

Everyone is given exactlyrepparttar same amount of time each day. It is up to us to manage this time as we would any other precious, nonrenewable asset. Inrepparttar 127390 world of commission sales, time is indeed money! Time management is atrepparttar 127391 very core of being a successful salesperson. Effective salespeople know how to concentrate on results while ineffective salespeople concentrate on just being busy. Counting time is not nearly as important as making time count. Effective salespeople focus on task achievement rather than tension relieving diversions. By incorporatingrepparttar 127392 use of proven time management techniques into your daily routine, you will earn more money and experience less stress in your life. Avoid procrastination in all of its attractive forms. Learn to separaterepparttar 127393 important fromrepparttar 127394 unimportant and develop a “Do it NOW” attitude. People manage time by managing their activities and managing activities begins with planning. Effective time managers understandrepparttar 127395 importance of “planning their work and then working their plan.” It is up to us to respect time and give it both meaning and value. If you want to knowrepparttar 127396 value of a year, ask a P.O.W. that has lost his freedom. If you want to knowrepparttar 127397 value of a month, ask a mother that has given birth to a premature baby. If you want to knowrepparttar 127398 value of a week, askrepparttar 127399 editor of a weekly newspaper. If you want to knowrepparttar 127400 value of a day, ask a schoolboy onrepparttar 127401 last day before summer vacation. If you want to knowrepparttar 127402 value of an hour, ask a criminal sentenced to death. If you want to knowrepparttar 127403 value of a minute, ask a person that just missed their fight. If you want to knowrepparttar 127404 value of a second, ask a person that just avoided a serious car accident. If you want to knowrepparttar 127405 value of a millisecond, ask an Olympic silver medallist.

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