Written by Bob McElwain

Mini-sites come in different flavors but all have one significant element in common. Each site is very tightly focused upon selling a single product or service. No Flash. No graphics. No links out. No banners or advertising of any kind. Nothing that detracts fromrepparttar site purpose, which is to makerepparttar 118011 sale.

The Pure Definition

In simplest form a mini-site consists entirely of a sales letter and order form. That is, your visitor either buys or clicksrepparttar 118012 Back button. Your site offers no other option.

Suppose your current site is focused on selling ebooks and software to help people raise their kids. Each product is a candidate for a mini-site dedicated entirely to selling it.

You might do well with, "How To Build A Sewing Site," or anything specific of interest to some. Maybe show how to remodel your kitchen, build a plane or boat. But a mini-site dependant upon keywords such as "site design" or "site promotion" isn't going to make it because there is simply too much competition.

Affiliate Programs

In some cases, pre-selling your visitors before sending them torepparttar 118013 sales pitch on an affiliate site can work wonders for your conversion ratio. In others, you're better off simply generating a click torepparttar 118014 site.

If pre-selling is a good idea for a program that is paying well, then a mini-site consisting of only a page or two can work well. You may need only your enthusiastic endorsement ofrepparttar 118015 product on a single page. Or you may want to add another providing an in-depth review. All content points to links torepparttar 118016 sales pitch onrepparttar 118017 program's site.

This works, but as above,repparttar 118018 major task is in drawing targeted traffic. If this can be managed, then this is also a good model.

Selling Hot Products

To takerepparttar 118019 notion of selling as an affiliate program one step further, you may want to consider selling currently hot items. For example, back up a couple of years and anticipaterepparttar 118020 interest in MP3 soon to burst uponrepparttar 118021 scene. Makerepparttar 118022 right pick, findrepparttar 118023 best affiliate program, and you may have a winner.

This approach works only for those who already know how to sell most anything. Without a background in selling effectively, particularly onrepparttar 118024 Web, it's best to leave this notion to those who do.

Profits To Be Expected

Your purpose in building a mini-site is to generate profits. However, you are not looking to make a living offrepparttar 118025 site. Quiterepparttar 118026 contrary. You simply want to generate a separate income stream. And $200/month may be all you need. Given one such site,repparttar 118027 trick is to continue producing others, adding to total income with each.

Claims Of Time

In notes about building mini-sites, one claim made often really bothers me. That you can toss such a site together in an hour or two. This is not even close to feasible for most.

Pros may be able to quickly gather parts of existing sales pitches with information fromrepparttar 118028 affiliate program orrepparttar 118029 manufacturer ofrepparttar 118030 product. Then, in short order, cobble together a sales pitch that works at least reasonably well. Still, I don't know anybody who really can manage this in an hour.

To me, time is part ofrepparttar 118031 cost equation. It takes time to put together a slick sales presentation. More to define an advertising campaign. And even more to track costs versus results.

Generating Hits Is The Hard Part

Okay. You've got a good product, a neat sales letter, and an order form. All is looking good. Now how do you draw targeted traffic to read your pitch? This isrepparttar 118032 critical issue, for profits depend upon success in doing so.

Goal Setting Is the Fast Lane to Success

Written by Brian Moore

When I first decided to get into an online business, I became so excited that I worked day and night to get everything set up and ready to go. I put everything else aside and developed a kind of tunnel vision of what I wanted from my home based marketing efforts.

I put aside time from leisure activities and put a lot of things in my life on hold to create sufficient time for my business. I'd say if you're in this forrepparttar long haul like I am, you've done likewise.

But now that you've developed tunnel vision and found more time for your business, how do you getrepparttar 118010 most from that time? The best thing I've found is whatrepparttar 118011 best business people both on and offrepparttar 118012 Internet do: set, meet, and maintain goals towards success.

If you're wondering what this is all about or how to go about it, here's what to do.

Set goals at three levels and try to stick to them. The three levels are long-term, mid-term, and short-term goals.

Long-term goals reflect how much you'd like to increase your income and how soon. Make those decisions and memorize them. Put your business on a time line and follow it day by day.

In order to avoid disaster that could put you out of business, be careful in selectingrepparttar 118013 business opportunities you're going to pursue. Don't bite off more than you can chew by joining every affiliate plan presented to you.

Limit yourself to no more than three atrepparttar 118014 beginning. Be very selective, making sure that those you're involved in balance each other, hold to a specific theme, or belong to one business type.

The long-term goals determine mid-term ones. How much do you have to make per week, per month, every six months, to achieverepparttar 118015 long-term goals?

After answering these questions make up your time line, using a sheet of paper. Draw a line atrepparttar 118016 left allrepparttar 118017 way downrepparttar 118018 paper. Divide repparttar 118019 line into twelve months with hash marks. Labelrepparttar 118020 hash marks by repparttar 118021 month.

To make sure you are working towards you're goals post them on small notes on your computer, aroundrepparttar 118022 house, and in your car. Find places you'll be likely to see them - onrepparttar 118023 bathroom mirror,repparttar 118024 frig,repparttar 118025 TV, andrepparttar 118026 car dashboard.

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