Written by Jinky C. Mesias


Families of Social Security members are also covered by Social Security Benefits. When members retires or became disabled their members also received their share of Social Security Benefits.

For spouse if he or she reachesrepparttar age of 62 or older receives a monthly benefit. Also for spouse who takes care ofrepparttar 150158 memberís child underrepparttar 150159 age of 16 or takes care of a child who receives social security benefits entitlesrepparttar 150160 spouse to receive social security benefits. Unmarried children under age 18 or under age 19 who is either a full-time student in elementary or secondary school may also be given social security benefits. And also a child of age 18 or older who is severely disabled is entitled to receive social security benefits.

Each ofrepparttar 150161 family members may be able to receive up to 50% ofrepparttar 150162 retirement or disability benefit however social security benefits are only limited up to 150% to 180% depending onrepparttar 150163 circumstances faced byrepparttar 150164 family. The benefit given torepparttar 150165 social security member is not all affected or reduced byrepparttar 150166 amount of benefits given to his or her family. And evenrepparttar 150167 benefits given torepparttar 150168 ex-spouse with whomrepparttar 150169 social security member has been married for at least 10 years would have no effect or whatsoever onrepparttar 150170 benefit given torepparttar 150171 member and to his or her other family.


Written by Jinky C. Mesias

The benefits offered by Social Security are more than just your monthly retirement benefit. In fact monthly benefits are also paid to disabled working members underrepparttar age of 65. Likewise, retired members aged 62 and older received monthly retirement benefits. Spouses of retired or disabled working members who are ages 62 and older without or with a child who is under 16 years old or a child overrepparttar 150157 age of 16 but disabled are all entitled to monthly benefits.

Even divorced spouse of a retired or a disabled Social Security member who is aged 62 and older and who has been married torepparttar 150158 Social Security member for at least 10 years or more has alsorepparttar 150159 right to receive a monthly benefit. And also, unmarried children of a disabled, retired or deceased Social Security member who is under 18 years old, or under age 19 and a full-time elementary or secondary student is also allowed to receive monthly benefits.

Nonetheless, there are cases wherein a child of a retired, disabled or deceased Social Security member becomes disabled before reachingrepparttar 150160 age of 22. The Social Security ruling for this case givesrepparttar 150161 childrepparttar 150162 privileged orrepparttar 150163 right to receive monthly benefits. Surviving spouse aged 60 or over, disabled or not is also entitled to receive monthly benefits. Likewise, a surviving spouse who is taking care of a disabled child and in whichrepparttar 150164 childís age is under 16 and has acquiredrepparttar 150165 disability before reachingrepparttar 150166 age of 22 is grantedrepparttar 150167 right to receive monthly benefits. And also dependent parents of a deceased Social Security member who are ages 62 and older haverepparttar 150168 right to be given monthly benefits.

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