Written by Jinky C. Mesias


Social Security members who were born beforerepparttar year 1938 are qualified to full social security retirement benefits which will be given when they reachrepparttar 150153 age of 65. However, for those who just applied for their Social Security inrepparttar 150154 year 2003,repparttar 150155 required age for full retirement benefits will increase to 67. The increase to be implemented is gradual just take for example those members born in 1940 they may be able to get their full retirement benefits when they attainedrepparttar 150156 age of 65 and 6 months. For those members born in 1950 they can get their full retirement benefits atrepparttar 150157 age of 66 and for those born in 1960 onwards, their full retirement benefits will be given to them atrepparttar 150158 age of 67.

Social Security also offers early retirement benefits however at a reduced retirement amount. The early retirement is available at age 62 of members. The disadvantage of taking an early retirement benefit is thatrepparttar 150159 monthly benefit is permanently reduced. Onrepparttar 150160 contrary, members who takerepparttar 150161 early retirement option will be able to receive their benefits for a much longer period of time.

For those who tend to work beyondrepparttar 150162 full retirement option,repparttar 150163 extra income they earn during those extra working years will increase their average income and will likewise increase their monthly retirement benefits. And another advantage for not applying for early retirement is that there are no earning limit for people ages 65 or older.

Celebrex Class Action Suits Regaining Power For The People

Written by Dave Hoffman

The first Celebrex class action suit to be filed is believed to berepparttar one submitted in Illinois, in December 2004. That same month, Pfizer announced that a recently performed clinical trial revealed that those taking Celebrex were at increased risk - over two times that incurred by taking a placebo - of experiencing a major cardiovascular episode. It would seem thatrepparttar 150152 Illinois class action suit will be onlyrepparttar 150153 first of many. And yet Celebrex remains onrepparttar 150154 market. Most drugs that we take are liable to have a wide range of potential side effects, most of whichrepparttar 150155 majority of patients will never experience. For liability purposes, pharmaceutical companies print all conceivable side effects on their informational literature, and reading these before taking a medication can be a nerve-wracking affair. But even side effects that have been encountered by minimal numbers of people during clinical trials can find their way on to this literature, and while you may be one ofrepparttar 150156 unlucky ones whose painkiller causes nausea, in most of these cases,repparttar 150157 potential benefits far outweighrepparttar 150158 unlikely event of developing a minor side effect that will cease oncerepparttar 150159 medication has been stopped.

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