Written by Noel Peebles

1. Opportunities “In 20 years from now people will look back and wish that they could have started a business, invested money, bought shares or property duringrepparttar early years ofrepparttar 131878 new century, when there were so many new opportunities.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 2. Marketing And Innovation “The only purpose of a business is to bring in a customer; and there are really only two ways to do it - through marketing or innovation.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 3. Work “I haven't worked for years. It's not that I've retired, it's just that I love what I'm doing. My definition of work - anything I'm doing when I'd rather be doing something else.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 4. Work “Most formal schooling prepares us to work for others. If we are good at following school rules and whatrepparttar 131879 teacher says, then we will probably do okay inrepparttar 131880 job world too.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 5. Price Perception (a) “The key to makingrepparttar 131881 sale is to communicate VALUE! Do it so strongly... thatrepparttar 131882 price seems reasonable in relation torepparttar 131883 product or service you're offering.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 6. Price Perception (b) “A customer perception of what is a 'reasonable price' is more important than what you want to charge for your product or service. Andrepparttar 131884

Checking Your Message - Effective Web Copy

Written by Tom Neuman

Dale Carnegie said, "Talk in terms ofrepparttar other man's interests."

Writing effective web copy begins with a clear understanding ofrepparttar 131876 goals and objectives of your internet strategy. Are you trying to persuaderepparttar 131877 visitor to buy something? Are you trying to get them to sign up for your newsletter? Perhaps you want them to join your organization or simply learn more about your service so that they will call your 800 number. The common theme with all of these web strategies is that you are trying to get someone you have never met and can't see to take a step toward building a relationship with you or your organization.

Typical website copy uses a great deal of prime real estate tellingrepparttar 131878 web audience how wonderfulrepparttar 131879 organization is. Imagine going to a party and meeting someone who talks endlessly about himself. He talks about his job, his family, his interests. How long will you stand there and listen before politely excusing yourself? Now imaginerepparttar 131880 party guest who seems more interested in you- your family, your job, your interests. Wouldn't you react more favorably? It's very similar onrepparttar 131881 Internet.

It is very tempting to write web copy that is focused on your company. Your first thought is probably something like, "I have to tell them who I am. They don't know anything about me." In reality, they don't care! (At least not inrepparttar 131882 first few seconds). Most web users are on a mission to find as much information as quickly as possible aboutrepparttar 131883 product or service they need because they want to make a decision. If they find your page, they first thing they want to know - even before bothering with anything else - is how they will benefit from buying (subscribing, calling, joining). You need to answer that question clearly and concisely within seconds or you will lose that visitor (maybe forever). If you can't cut throughrepparttar 131884 selfish copy,repparttar 131885 clutter,repparttar 131886 fancy graphics, and communicaterepparttar 131887 value you offer that nobody else offers, they will go somewhere else- and likely never come back.

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