Written by Darren Robinson

You think spam is annoying ? Let me tell you a spam story that is beyond annoying and well past anger - and it isn't about receiving a few annoying advertisements in your Inbox. It's about a particular internet species whom I shall call amateur spam cops. Let me explain.

I am writing this article as a warning. From time to time I write business articles for newsletters as a means of promoting my web site. An article of mine was recently picked up from an article-announcement list by a larger-than-usual number of newsletters.

For a while, it was great ! My resource box (similar torepparttar one below), pointed to my web site and, during this one week in particular,repparttar 132836 hit counter was going crazy. I had ten timesrepparttar 132837 normal number of visitors.

And then disaster struck. The hit counter slammed to a halt. Suddenly I was getting numerous emails from potential customers telling me that my site was down. Now, I had been with Virtual Avenue for about 3 years and never had a problem, so I thought maybe it was just a temporary glitch and thatrepparttar 132838 site would be back uprepparttar 132839 next day or something. I visited their support page & asked them politely to investigate.

After visitingrepparttar 132840 site, I began reading my emails again (I get about 120 per day, and I download my email twice a day), and came across a robot message from their abuse department. The message told me that a spamming complaint had been received and that they were shutting me down in 48 hours. Well that was nonsense for a start - they had already shut down all my sites !

The message said that I had spammed someone by sending them a newsletter. I quote -

*** We regret to inform you that your account dwr9760 will be deleted from our servers withinrepparttar 132841 next 48 hours because it violates our Terms of Service, found at /account/policies os

Reason: Spam complaints [1311819] Subject: whatUseek Weekly - The Stealth Approach To Making Money On The Internet ***

For those of you not intorepparttar 132842 internet marketing scene, "WhatU Seek Weekly" is a pretty useful newsletter for business ideas & marketing tips. I have subscribed to it for about a year. They recently ran an article of mine called "Any Fool Can Choose The Wrong Career".

Recipe - Spam Rehash

Written by Dale Sexton

What do you do with your spam? Callrepparttar authorities? Send it back torepparttar 132835 sender with expletive text appended? Set it to simmer with white wine sauce? When I have leftover spam, I make spam rehash. You'll need:

1 pop3 mailbox 1 multiple message autoresponder 1 email extractor 1 email verifier as much spam fromrepparttar 132836 market as you can get

Mailbox must be large enough to handle leftover spam. Preferably a pop3 account so you can manage it on your desktop. Don't use a mailbox you don't want spammed, it's hard to get out. Free pop3's can be found at:

Stuff mailbox with leftover spam. You don't know where to get spam? (You have lived a good life.) I shop at FFAL sites, guestbooks, classified ad sites, freebie signups, etc. Anywhere you put your email address, be assured they want to send you mail back.

Best of all, some sites will sell your email address to spam lists. On other sites, mostly guestbooks and classified ads, spammers will harvest your email addresses and send you spam FREE!

After a week or a month (you want it to age), take spam from mailbox. Add spam to email extractor.,,000EG8,.html

Your going to have some bad spam. Don't smell it! Just take my word. You'll have to do some carving to get torepparttar 132837 good stuff. Run spam through email validator. The bad stuff will slide right off.

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