Written by Pat Redmond

Inrepparttar hours and days immediately followingrepparttar 116316 tragic attacks on America of 9/11, there was much speculation aboutrepparttar 116317 effects onrepparttar 116318 general aviation industry. Whilerepparttar 116319 events of September 11, 2001 have had a significant impact onrepparttar 116320 economy as a whole, sales of personal aircraft in Michigan have experienced a surprising boost. Certainly,repparttar 116321 convenience of personal transportation has played a major role in this increase as airport lines and security have become more time consuming. The reduction of flights resulting fromrepparttar 116322 airline cost-cutting have limited flexibility forrepparttar 116323 business person and affectedrepparttar 116324 productivity of companies relying on commercial transportation. These factors alone can’t explain surge of people joiningrepparttar 116325 flying community for more than just pleasure. Rebates, low and 0% interest rates, training allowances, and yes, evenrepparttar 116326 IRS played a role in creating an environment that has introduced more people torepparttar 116327 benefits of aircraft ownership and had an effect similar to that seen afterrepparttar 116328 passage ofrepparttar 116329 General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1995.

The IRS is here to help you? Well, believe it or not, a new tax law passed earlier this year represents a renewed attempt by our nation’s leaders to jumpstartrepparttar 116330 economic recovery. The bill applies to new airplanes acquired after September 10, 2001, and before September 11, 2004, and provides tax savings from economic stimulus provisions included inrepparttar 116331 Internal Revenue Code designed to encourage investment in capital assets. Visit your local airport and you’re sure to see plenty of forty and fifty year old aircraft operating for both business and pleasure. Even prior torepparttar 116332 new tax law, Congress recognized that capital investment is an important part of our economy, and therefore allowed a five year depreciation of these assets. To further encourage investments, they do not requirerepparttar 116333 depreciation to be spread evenly overrepparttar 116334 five years, but through a concept know as “double declining balance,” greatly accelerate depreciation duringrepparttar 116335 first two years of ownership. Now withrepparttar 116336 additional incentives of 30% bonus depreciation on new airplanes, tax deferral opportunities are greatly expanded.


Written by Pat Redmond

"How safe is it?" Along with "How much does it cost?" this is a question we often hear when someone is considering flight training as an option for depleting his or her discretionary income. Our industry has experienced a marked reduction in overall accidents and statistically, a 27.8% reduction inrepparttar most recent 7 years! During this same time period General Aviation fatal accidents dropped 32.6% to just over 1 fatality for every 100,000-flight hours. Of these accidents, 80% are either partially or completely pilot induced, with weather related accidents and controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) accounting forrepparttar 116315 majority of fatalities.

So what isrepparttar 116316 industry doing to addressrepparttar 116317 issue of pilot errors?

Bendix/King has takenrepparttar 116318 bull byrepparttar 116319 horns and addressed this challenge with several new avionics products, and Cessna has takenrepparttar 116320 next step by includingrepparttar 116321 Bendix/King advanced avionics package in their aircraft.

Situational Awareness: With its moving map and IFR approach capability,repparttar 116322 KLN94 GPS provides added safety through increased situational awareness. This GPS with its full color screen is as easy to operate, as it is to view.

Weather: Bendix/King Data Link Weather features a state-of-the-art data link system to bring textual and graphical weather to your cockpit with a high speed, high bandwidth system. Withrepparttar 116323 KDR 510, weather information (including METARs, TAFs, and PIREPs) is automatically updated and displayed on your KMD 550 (multi-function display) in your cockpit. For a small monthly fee, you can also receive NEXRAD radar and additional weather products that promote additional weather avoidance capability.

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