AIDS - A Healer's Point of View

Written by Martin Brofman, Ph.D.

A Healer's View of AIDS by Martin Brofman, Ph.D. We are each an energy system. Energy flows through our being, and is directed by our consciousness. When we are healthy, or in balance,repparttar energy flows smoothly. The flow of energy is regulated by seven energy centers, called chakras. Any illness or disease can be described as an out-of-balance condition. AIDS (or being HIV positive) is an out-of-balance condition affectingrepparttar 131320 immune system. The immune system is governed or controlled byrepparttar 131321 thymus gland, which in turn is regulated byrepparttar 131322 heart chakra. The heart chakra is that part of our energy system affecting and affected by our perceptions of love. AIDS, then, is an out-of-balance condition that is in some way related torepparttar 131323 individual's perceptions of love. The disease began among those members of our society whose life-styles created a sense of separation from those they love. Withoutrepparttar 131324 love they needed, and seeing no way out of their dilemma, those people decided at some point that they would rather die. The immune system then deteriorated so that their wishes could be carried out. Amongrepparttar 131325 members ofrepparttar 131326 homosexual community,repparttar 131327 determination to assertrepparttar 131328 freedom of sexual expression was accompanied by a need to hide this sexual preference from parents, from business associates, and from members ofrepparttar 131329 heterosexual community in general, for fear of not being accepted, not being loved. Withrepparttar 131330 generally puritanical attitudes ofrepparttar 131331 heterosexual community,repparttar 131332 fears were often justified, butrepparttar 131333 situation also created in many members ofrepparttar 131334 gay community a non-acceptance of themselves, a judgmental way of seeing themselves that stimulated even more of an assertive tone torepparttar 131335 exercising of their sexual preferences, with a louder demand for acceptance. Withoutrepparttar 131336 individuals' acceptance of themselves, however, they would have difficulty recognizingrepparttar 131337 acceptance of others. There would remainrepparttar 131338 suspicion that others were judging them as they were judging themselves. Inrepparttar 131339 Haitian community,repparttar 131340 harsh martial rule imposed byrepparttar 131341 Duvalier dictators created an atmosphere of suspicion and fear, even between members ofrepparttar 131342 same family, overshadowingrepparttar 131343 love. Again,repparttar 131344 lifestyle orrepparttar 131345 people created a sense of separation from those they love. And so, AIDS was born there, too. Drug users, too, who were affected, were living life-styles separating them from those they love, and so they closed their hearts. Children born to them, not findingrepparttar 131346 love they needed, also began to die - again, from lack of love. When these children went to public schools, they were separated, ostracized, and again, not loved - because they were ill! They were feared, and parents of healthy children demanded thatrepparttar 131347 AIDS children be removed fromrepparttar 131348 schools. So, there was more non-acceptance. Our perceptions create our reality. We can say that those who developed AIDS hadrepparttar 131349 perception that they were not loved. That perception was fed and reinforced, and these people were able to affirm even more their basic belief that they were not loved, and prove to themselves that it was true. Then, they asked themselves, what was there to live for? The response by many of not perceiving themselves to be loved, was to not love, in return, and sorepparttar 131350 heart chakra shut down more and more, affectingrepparttar 131351 thymus gland, andrepparttar 131352 immune system. Our society created AIDS to show us that we need to love more. We have enteredrepparttar 131353 Age of Aquarius,repparttar 131354 age ofrepparttar 131355 heart chakra. We have, as a planetary consciousness, entered an age in which it no longer makes sense to think in separatist terms, or in terms of conflict. We are obliged now to think in terms of cooperation, in terms of what we can do to help others, in terms of love, in terms of service.

Ten Steps for Creating Success Joyfully

Written by Neva Howell

Personal power and creativity, when balanced, generate tremendous energy! Success includes helping others, harnessing your own creative genius and living your life from a space of calm, personal power. These tips can help you find that walk of strength to bring forth your personal goals and dreams in a good way.

In my work as an actress, on stage, film and tv, and in my years of work teaching acting classes of all levels, I've watched in amazement asrepparttar process of developing optimal performance in acting began to illuminaterepparttar 131319 process toward developing optimal performance in other areas of my life -- in all areas, in fact.

I began to see thatrepparttar 131320 qualities one needs to be a good actor wererepparttar 131321 same ones needed to succeed in any other endeavor, including spiritual awakening. One needs confidence, full knowledge ofrepparttar 131322 role one is playing, andrepparttar 131323 ability to make it real for oneself and, therefore, real forrepparttar 131324 audience as well. (This is so likerepparttar 131325 process of awakening, to me. We at once realize we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and notrepparttar 131326 other way around - as Wayne Dyer put it so well -- and inrepparttar 131327 next breath, realize that we agreed to see it through, to make it real) One must be flexible, imaginative and emotionally free of restrictions and blockage.

One must be willing to dedicaterepparttar 131328 time and effort, to explorerepparttar 131329 script they've been given, work withrepparttar 131330 other characters onrepparttar 131331 stage and make their environment home.

One ofrepparttar 131332 best ways you can increase both your success-thinking and your creativity, is to take a good acting class. Preferrably one where there is improvisation included, which means that you work without a script - making it up as you go along. It's thrilling, scary and generates tremendous mental growth.

Books have been written onrepparttar 131333 creative aspects of acting and I might write an article later on about that very subject but I only touch on it here, to let you know where some of these ideas have sprang from.

Others have sprang from my spiritual path and may include ideas and concepts that are new to you. I encourage you to just try these ten things for a month and see how you feel atrepparttar 131334 end ofrepparttar 131335 30 days!

10 Spiritually Sound Ways to Boost Success and Creativity

1. Accept assistance. Get help with some of what you are trying to do, or be willing to let something go when you are overwhelmed. Conquer any fear of you may have of collaboration or asking for help. If you look closely at why you feel you have to do everything yourself, you'll find some kind of fear operating that is keeping beneficial help from reaching you. In fact, during this next 30 days make it a discipline to ask for help at least once a day.

2. Vision it in! Dedicate time daily, to visualizing what you wish to create, and spend time doing some kind of practice or review of what you have done. Commit to doing something every day, but do not set a rigid amount that must be done. One sentence, written well, makes for a more successful day than twenty pages written poorly. In other words, develop a healthy respect forrepparttar 131336 act of visualization and write it into your schedule as part of your work.

3. Seek non-human assistance. Ask for a totem animal, to help you manifest your dreams and to show yourepparttar 131337 best way to proceed. Make a list ofrepparttar 131338 skills you need, and announce to Spirit that you would like a "power" animal to teach you. The animal may come in dreamtime or during your daily meditations. It may appear in your life. Personally, Spider is one of my most influential totems and appears a great deal when I am writing. Ifrepparttar 131339 concept of Totem, or Power Animals, is new to you, you might enjoy reading Animal Speak OR Animal Wise by Ted Andrews. It opened a wonderful new world of wisdom and non-linear thinking for me and it might dorepparttar 131340 same for you! You might also enjoy exploringrepparttar 131341 use of Totem Essences for stronger connection to non-human teachers in your environment and spiritual realms.

4. Avoid squandering energies. If you cannot focus onrepparttar 131342 chosen aspect, let it go and do something else. If blocked, let it go for a while and come back to it later. Inrepparttar 131343 past, this has always been a very hard one for me. The more I wanted something to be working, or completed,repparttar 131344 more driven I tended to be. However, years of operating that way have taught me that more productivity can be achieved by shifting attention away fromrepparttar 131345 thing so desperately desired, when feeling urgent or driven. It balancesrepparttar 131346 creative flow. Take a break when you least feel that you can afford to stop.

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