ADD GRAPHICS TO YOUR WEBSITE - without losing your mind!

Written by Rick Hunter

We've heard it over and over again - adding graphics to a website is a GOOD thing. They can generally make your site more appealing, illustrate points or products, and provide creative icons for people to click through for more information.

So you are developing a website, and you really want to add cool graphics. But how?

Well, you can run out and buy a bunch of expensive graphics programs and 'dummies' books to learn how to use them.

Or you can sign up for courses, on or off-line, for various amounts of money. But you'll probably be old and gray byrepparttar time you sort through allrepparttar 134781 mumbo-jumbo you'll need to sort through, or you'll be stressed torepparttar 134782 max, andrepparttar 134783 opportunity your website originally presented will be long- gone.

Adding graphic images to your site should be easy and fun.

It is possible to:

- find graphics you can use at little or no cost; or - jazz up your own pictures or graphics

Throwrepparttar 134784 mumbo-jumbo commands, books, and classrooms outrepparttar 134785 window. If you just want to find graphics or photos you can use, start by doing a search on your favorite search engine(s) for 'royalty-free graphics.' You'll probably be kept busy for quite awhile chasing downrepparttar 134786 links you'll find. Many ofrepparttar 134787 sites that provide these graphics also include instructions or coding to add them directly to your site - so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to jazz up your web pages, after all!

Here's a few things to remember when creating web graphics:

1. Don't Sacrifice Speed For The Price Of Quality

Your main webpage should be under 40 KB in size for graphic intensive pages. Since a graphic file usually downloads slower than a normal text file (i.e. html page), you have to ensure that your graphics are small, fast at loading and visually appealing atrepparttar 134788 same time.

Do You Really Need a Web Site?

Written by Janice Byer

Having a website isrepparttar one form of marketing for your business that just keeps on giving! But how do you know if you need a website?

Well, withrepparttar 134780 amount of information that is available with just a few keystrokes or clicks ofrepparttar 134781 mouse, why wouldn't you want your business' information to be included?

More and more people and businesses userepparttar 134782 Internet to find information. Whether it is locally or internationally,repparttar 134783 Internet isrepparttar 134784 one place where they are likely to find what they are looking for. Unless, of course, they are looking for you or your product and you don't have a site.

Having a website allows your business to advertise 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it is available whenever someone is in need of information on your product or services. The elements you include on your website are a determining factor for how successful a marketing device it will be for you.

For personal websites, you can include everything that your heart desires. You can have a site that shows off your favorite cat or a site that includes everything you ever wanted to know about Limburger cheese. The subject choices are unlimited.

However, a business site should be more refined. Get torepparttar 134785 point and provide a wealth of information about your product or service. But, ensure that you leave a little torepparttar 134786 imagination. Inspire them to WANT to contact you for a little for more information, and then makerepparttar 134787 sale!

And, on that note, make sure your contact information is readily available on your site. There is nothing worse than peaking your site visitor's interest and then making them search for a means to contact you. Believe me, many people will simply give up if they can't find what they are looking for and go on to another site in hopes of an easier route.

Navigation is another key element. Getting around your site should be straightforward and painless for your visitors. Provide links from each page to all your key pages. Some sites can become quite large, so links from every page to every page would makerepparttar 134788 site quite crowded and monotonous. But, make sure you don't leave your visitor at a dead end.

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