ABC Television Network Crowns The New Domestic Diva

Written by F2 Entertainment

Move over Martha Stewart

ABC Television Network Crowns The New Domestic Diva, Or Should We Say, "DIVO"

Hollywood, CA –July 18, 2004 —ABC's new reality TV competition,repparttar Great Domestic Showdown, revealed an unexpected winner from a pack of 6 determined domestic competitors. In an under dog victory reminiscent ofrepparttar 124144 movie Rocky, real life Italian Stallion and Hollywood event producer Frank Fontana claimedrepparttar 124145 crown of Domestic Divo and is on his way to building a media empire of domestic greatness.

Fontana had this to say about winningrepparttar 124146 show, "I was truly grateful and thrilled, to have wonrepparttar 124147 competition. I hope I have inspired people to dream big and take creative chances in their lives.” He goes on to say, "It's about time Macho makes a comeback inrepparttar 124148 lifestyle world, and I am proud to lead that charge."

Each contestant had to prove their skills in decorating, cooking, entertaining, and forrepparttar 124149 final challenge, produced an entire wedding in two days. Judgingrepparttar 124150 intense competition were Sandra Lee, host ofrepparttar 124151 Food Network's Semi-Homemade; Robert Verdi, host of Discovery Channel's Surprise by Design; and Govind Armstrong, one of LA's top chefs.

To Record or Not To Record - At Home, That Is

Written by Seth Lutnick

I will be honest. I am addicted to music recording. I love moving faders, adjusting levels, panning, reverberating, sequencing, you name it. I especially love all that software, andrepparttar colorful ways that they showrepparttar 124143 music as a waveform. It is just cool.

And I'm notrepparttar 124144 only one. My cousin has just become hooked as well, and all aroundrepparttar 124145 globe many many songwriters are falling prey torepparttar 124146 "Call ofrepparttar 124147 Cubase." After all, what once upon a time could breakrepparttar 124148 bank, is now easily accessible on our desktops. Every songwriter can record his songs for a pittance. So is this a good thing? And should we all be doing it?

Onrepparttar 124149 surface, it's a no-brainer. Well, why not record? It stimulates creativity. It liberates more music fromrepparttar 124150 brains of its creators. It puts more pleasure intorepparttar 124151 world. And yet, there is a downside or two to consider when you plan to record your stuff, at least at home.

Natural selection was Darwin's theory, and it applies equally to music as well. I'll be honest, I'm notrepparttar 124152 greatest songwriter. I tend to write stuff that is too long, overly cliched, and requiringrepparttar 124153 vocal range of Luciano Pavarotti mixed with Paul Robeson. Every so often, though, almost despite my best efforts, I'll crank out a beaut. When that happens, it deserves immediate posteritizing (recording for posterity), but, alas, there is a long line of "I-really-shouldn't-record-this-but-why-not-it's-cheap-to-do-it" material in front of it. Each of those will take a good week of work to arrange, record, overdub, mix, master, remix, remaster and burn. Add to that two days of regret after I've listened torepparttar 124154 atrocious thing, you have 9 days. If I had to pay for a studio, I'd only have gone withrepparttar 124155 winner, and thos eother songs would have thankfully remained mere twinkles in my eye.

That'srepparttar 124156 first thing to consider. It's not forrepparttar 124157 betterment ofrepparttar 124158 world to record everything just because you can. Withrepparttar 124159 advent ofrepparttar 124160 home studio,repparttar 124161 natural selection process disappeared, and people don't haverepparttar 124162 same pressure to let their material grow, become refined, and be sure that they are going forrepparttar 124163 gold before they start laying down tracks. Always ask yourself if you can do better before you start. Don't letrepparttar 124164 technology cripple creativity with its instant allure.

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