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Written by Chris Jeffery Van Ackland

A2mediagroup.com is pleased to reveal that its website has been updated to show a new look making it easier for it’s readership to navigate around its impressive site.

The site which has continued to repeat persistent gains withinrepparttar e-commerce news media and has untaken its goal in providing for its readership quality production in national and international news.

Developments are still ongoing with design benefits for better and faster delivery to an impressive 2500-3000 unique visitors daily andrepparttar 136492 sites 350’000 plus readers who visit a2mediagroup.com monthly together with a careful design for its LGBT lead market.

Senior Editor Chris praisedrepparttar 136493 continued efforts and achievements of its technical team in stabilising and securing normality, as “unwanted abuse has been a cause of a little concern” adding “unfortunately this has proven to be a hic-cup in an otherwise promising site”.


Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

When I was a little girl, I used to love to play "namerepparttar cloud." I bet you played this too. I remember lying on my back inrepparttar 124169 yard and watching asrepparttar 124170 clouds passed overhead. Asrepparttar 124171 wind blewrepparttar 124172 clouds acrossrepparttar 124173 sky,repparttar 124174 clouds would change shape. It was more fun to play with someone else, because two people could look atrepparttar 124175 same cloud and see something different.

Look, a three-headed dragon just floated by. No, now it's a cow with a really big hump onrepparttar 124176 back. Wait, it's now a celery stalk racing acrossrepparttar 124177 sky. Oh, no. The cloud is gone. What fun it was.

OK, I will admit that I played this game earlier this week while watching out my office window. Clouds came, and clouds went. Allrepparttar 124178 whilerepparttar 124179 wind was blowing across my viewing screen, they shape-shifted. And then I noticedrepparttar 124180 tree.

The same wind that was blowing onrepparttar 124181 clouds and causing them to shape-shift was just merely bendingrepparttar 124182 branches ofrepparttar 124183 tree. The tree bent withrepparttar 124184 wind, but it still remained a tree. The tree didn't shape-shift, nor did it fade away. It remained true, strong, and straight because it had a good root system holding it up.

The cloud is a cloud because it was created that way, andrepparttar 124185 tree was created to be a tree. But you as a business owner can choose how you are going to do business. Are you going to be a shape-shifter likerepparttar 124186 cloud, or are you going to remain rooted likerepparttar 124187 tree?

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