9 Ways to Get an MCSE or CNE Without Wasting $5000+

Written by Richard Stooker

9 Ways to Get an MCSE or CNE Without Wasting $5000-$9000

by Richard Stooker

1. Buy good certification books.

Yes, I know how thick they are -repparttar tests do cover that much material, so what can you do? A teacher is not going to talk that much without wearing out their throat, so in repparttar 107870 final analysis you are going to spend a lot of time reading and studying those books anyway.

I was told by a training school recruiter that repparttar 107871 recommended process was to take a class for 3 full days, then study for a month, then takerepparttar 107872 certification exam.

So, thatís at least ten days of study in front of a thick book for each day of class anyway.

So youíre going to buy and study thick books anyway. Do you really need to pay for a live teacher too? People can and do passrepparttar 107873 certifications simply by studying on their own.

2. Buy computer based CD-ROM training.

This is of course very similar torepparttar 107874 above method, except that computer based training is more interactive, more fun, probably more effective for most people and also more expensive, although still nowhere near $5000.

Itís easier to stay awake. The questions and interactivity force you to interact withrepparttar 107875 material. Using it immediately and getting immediately feedback does help reinforce learning and understanding.

This is recommended for people who really dreadrepparttar 107876 thought of just sitting and readingrepparttar 107877 thick books, but who canít affordrepparttar 107878 $5000 classes. If you have a question you just cannot findrepparttar 107879 answer to, put it out on one ofrepparttar 107880 many newsgroups or listserves onrepparttar 107881 Internet, and let experienced onrepparttar 107882 job networking professionals help you out. Live teachers can dorepparttar 107883 same, but sometimes not withrepparttar 107884 same extensive background in whatís happening inrepparttar 107885 real world.

People can and do passrepparttar 107886 certification exams jst by taking computer based training. One company, Forefront, even gives you a 90 day money back guarantee on all its certification courses. If you donít pass after using their CBT course, you get your money back. Details available at (877) 872-4646.

3. Take training classes online through repparttar 107887 Internet.

Again, it will take long hours of study, but itís an interesting format.

4. Put together your own network study laboratory by buying several used PCS hooking them up in your home office.

Look for used computers cheap online, in your local newspaper For Sale ads or just ask your friends. Lots of people have old 386/486s theyíd gladly give you for free just so theyíll have more closet space.

Buyrepparttar 107888 network parts in a local computer store or online.

This is a terrific way to get hands on experience. I saw it mentioned in a letter in a discussion forum by someone who actually did it. Youíll learn directly how to work withrepparttar 107889 equipment.

Itís notrepparttar 107890 same as networking 100 stations in a company, of course. But itís still a good idea. Youíll still have to study those thick books, but youíll be able to right away put your hands to work on that chapter, thus reinforcing your new knowledge and skills as you go.

5. If youíre currently employed in a networking job, get your current employer to pay for repparttar 107891 classes.

You may have to sign an agreement to continue working for them for two years or so. Many companies are starting to require such policies after they paid for certification classes for employees who then immediately got better jobs and quit, or who first demanded higher pay and, when refused, then got better jobs and quit.

In other words, most companies are willing to pay for your certification only if you are planning to put your new knowledge and skills to work for them for a reasonable time period.

It is certainly fair however to make it clear to your boss that you want to take on more responsibility as you are prepared for it and you expect to be paid a higher salary commensurate with your higher level of job duties, as they do expand to a higher level.

If your company refuses that, it wants to keep you trapped in your current dead end job. That should be a clue that you need to get out, whether they pay for your certification or not. Look for a company that wants to build itself by building its employees.

A lot of course will depend on your relationship withrepparttar 107892 company. How long youíve worked there already and whether you act in a way that makes them believe you see a long-term future with them - or not.

6. Passrepparttar 107893 first several required tests, use those credentials to get an entry level job and then get your new employer to pay forrepparttar 107894 classes.

Youíre not going to be hired as a network administrator after you pass one or two of repparttar 107895 MCSE required exams. However, you may be able to use those exams to get your foot inrepparttar 107896 door with some menial entry-level job. Even if itís repairing computers, thatís something.

Many new IT job seekers are hired to answer customer technical questions.

Make it clear to your boss however that you have set your sights on networking and that you are going to continue your education whether they pay for it or not. Donít say so right out loud in so many words, but do make it clear that if you wind up paying for your certification by yourself, you will feel no loyalty towardrepparttar 107897 company, and will therefore feel free to take any position for which you qualify once you are certified. Why should you not feel that way, if you did have to do it all on your own?

Printer Cartridge Price Fixing

Written by Stephen Bucaro

Permission is granted forrepparttar above article to forward, reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website, offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as long as no changes are made andrepparttar 107869 byline, copyright, andrepparttar 107870 resource box below is included. ---------------------------------------------------------- Printer Cartridge Price Fixing

By Stephen Bucaro

Printers are one ofrepparttar 107871 biggest rip-offs in computing today. Companies like Hewlett Packard (HP) and Cannon throw together a bucket of cheap plastic parts and charge you $150.00 for it. Then, they price gouge you forrepparttar 107872 ink cartridges.

CNET.com analyzedrepparttar 107873 cost for inkjet printing and reported thatrepparttar 107874 costs ranged from 14 cents to $1.32 per page. If it costs 21 cents per page and you print only an average of two pages per day,repparttar 107875 annual cost of ink would be more thanrepparttar 107876 cost ofrepparttar 107877 printer.

The ink cartridge for a low end HP printer, containing only one tiny ounce of ink, costs a mind boggling $30.00! Thatís price gouging, and all printer manufacturers are doing it. Thatís called PRICE FIXING and itís illegal. To add torepparttar 107878 rip-off, some of them put allrepparttar 107879 colors into one cartridge. Then you have to buy a new cartridge when only one color runs out, wastingrepparttar 107880 remaining ink.

This price gouging makes it impossible for businesses like direct marketing or mail order to survive. The only way you can protect yourself is to refill your own cartridges. Most people feel that it is too difficult or too messy to refill cartridges. But forrepparttar 107881 cost of a new cartridge, you can refill your old one 12 times (per color).

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