9 Traits of Organized Kitchens

Written by Barbara Myers

1. The number one rule of an organized kitchen is to store items where you use them. Put your plates nearrepparttar table, glasses nearrepparttar 131075 fridge and cutting knives and board near island or counter where you cut up produce.

2. If you do any baking, set up a baking section. Store together all items you use when baking.

3. Clean and organize your fridge and freezer. Do a quick upkeep once a week on trash day. If you don't use it, get rid of it.

4. Moverepparttar 131076 excess clutter. For example, seasonally used items such as platters and holiday dishes are better stored in a basement or attic. Unless you have a very large kitchen, it is best to remove items that are not used on a regular basis.

5. How many glasses do you really use between dish washings? Store only as many as you regularly use (glasses, dishes, wine glasses, etc.), and placerepparttar 131077 extras in storage.

6. Go through your cookbooks and keep inrepparttar 131078 kitchen onlyrepparttar 131079 ones you use regularly. Seasonal cookbooks can be stored with your holiday dinnerware, others can be stored elsewhere or given away.

The Top Ten Things I Learned from My Garden

Written by Susan Dunn, Coach

1. Weed.

Planting seeds means that at some point you're going to have to remove some ofrepparttar plants so that other ones haverepparttar 131073 chance to grow and thrive. Inrepparttar 131074 same way, you only have so much space in your life and you need to get rid ofrepparttar 131075 tolerations so you can haverepparttar 131076 room andrepparttar 131077 nutrients andrepparttar 131078 self-care to thrive and grow. Inrepparttar 131079 same way that you letrepparttar 131080 bigger, stronger plants stay, concentrate on your strengths and let them grow.

2. If you keep doing what you've been doing you're going to keep getting what you've been getting.

There's a place in my garden that just needed a rose bush. I planted 5 there. It's like a blackhole. I went on to try other plants. Whatever I planted there died, and no matter what fertilizer, extra watering or xteme care I gave, I was finally forced to admit that for some reason nothing was going to grow there. I gave up what was essentially an ego position and went withrepparttar 131081 flow. It now isrepparttar 131082 place for my garden statuary.

3. Onrepparttar 131083 other hand, If it ain't broke, don't fix it -- and don't listen to other people!

I have another place in my garden whererepparttar 131084 geraniums thrive all year round. My sister stayed with me a week and she didn't feel like I was watering my garden enough. I started wateringrepparttar 131085 geraniums and now they are spindly and their leaves have turned pale and I question their survival. It seems they were thriving on my benign neglect and were very happy withrepparttar 131086 way things were.

4. Stay in touch withrepparttar 131087 soil and water. Stay in touch with life.

Some of my most peaceful moments take place in my garden. I don't wear gloves and I take off my shoes and walk inrepparttar 131088 mud and turnrepparttar 131089 soil with my bare fingers. I work with people and with ideas, and bringing my body in contact withrepparttar 131090 soil keeps me grounded.

5. There's a time to reap and a time to sow.

You'll learnrepparttar 131091 old elemental cycles of nature. There will be those magnificent sparkling snapdragons for just a few moments inrepparttar 131092 spring, panseys when it's too cold for anything to grow, and chrysanthemums inrepparttar 131093 fall bringing back memories of high school football games and mum corsages. Eventuallyrepparttar 131094 tomato crop will come in and when they die, it'll be time to plantrepparttar 131095 broccoli. It's our traditions andrepparttar 131096 cycles ofrepparttar 131097 year that bring meaning and order to our lives.

6. Delight inrepparttar 131098 abundant surprises of nature.

The rose bush didn't grow, andrepparttar 131099 impatiens didn't take off, but a crepe myrtle arose, a shoot from another one about 5' away, when I had no idea they propagated; andrepparttar 131100 biggest surprise of all -- out of nowhere some chile petines arrived. I have no idea where they came from, but they're welcome asrepparttar 131101 day is long. Nature provides.

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