9 Tips on Creating a Professional Emailed Job Application

Written by Angela Wu

Withrepparttar advent ofrepparttar 102120 Internet, many of us haverepparttar 102121 opportunity to apply for work through email.

However, just because this isrepparttar 102122 Internet and email is so fast and convenient, that does NOT mean you should give up professionalism and polish!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT. I recently looked over a few emailed applications, and let me tell you, it was an eye-opening experience! Here are a few examples of how *not* to do things ...

* One person simply forwardedrepparttar 102123 job description torepparttar 102124 hiring company. There was no explanatory letter, no name (just some garbled email address), no nothing. Why should a company want to hire someone who can't be bothered to make an effort?

* Several people gotrepparttar 102125 name ofrepparttar 102126 hiring party wrong. Some misspelled it, others substituted someone else's name.

* Spelling mistakes, typos, grammatical errors, and formatting problems like you wouldn't believe. One person said that her greatest strength was her attention to 'detal' (should have been 'DETAIL'); another said it was his responsibility to 'a tent to customers' ('ATTEND to customers').

It almost goes without saying that you should always followrepparttar 102127 application instructions provided. If you're inquiring or applying for a job - regardless of whether it's online or inrepparttar 102128 'real world' - there are certain rules of etiquette that apply:

__1. GREET THE PERSON. Don't just barge in and start writing. A simple "Dear ___" is great.

__2. CORRECTLY SPELL THE COMPANY NAME AND THAT OF THE HIRING MANAGER. If you don't know how to spell them, take a few seconds and find out.

7 Important Tips on Investigating a Business Opportunity

Written by Angela Wu

!!! Get In Onrepparttar Ground Floor!!! We'll Build Your Downline Using Our Unique Spillover System that Guarantees an Income of OVER $5000 EVERY WEEK! HURRY! THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Give me a break.

We'd all be millionaires if claims likerepparttar 102119 one above were true. If you're looking for a business opportunity onrepparttar 102120 web where scams feed onrepparttar 102121 dreams and weaknesses of everyday people,repparttar 102122 thing to remember is to *take your time*. Good opportunities don't disappear overnight.

To investigate an opportunity, check outrepparttar 102123 following:

__Do You Know EXACTLY What You'll Be Doing?

Have you ever read over a business opportunity and atrepparttar 102124 end ofrepparttar 102125 article you think, 'But what am I SELLING?'

You're not alone. There are endless opportunities touted online as beingrepparttar 102126 cream ofrepparttar 102127 crop,repparttar 102128 best ofrepparttar 102129 best,repparttar 102130 ultimate money-making opportunity destined to give yourepparttar 102131 freedom and flexibility you desire.

They just don't tell you HOW.

Don't send money for more information. If they're not upfront about what's involved in their opportunity, then runrepparttar 102132 other way and don't look back.

__Can You Independently Find Others Who Are Successful?

Message boards are a fabulous source of first-hand information from people who have been there, done that. Ask for other people's experiences with an opportunity before you join. If you can find a number of people who have had good experiences, that's great. If you can't, and all you hear are negative comments, then learn from them: even if you doggedly pursue it and find one positive testimonial, it won't mean much if you've heard 20 other negative comments.

__How Long Hasrepparttar 102133 Opportunity Been Around?

New opportunities don't yet have a history of success. There is no way of knowing how wellrepparttar 102134 average person will do with them.

Don't worry about 'getting in onrepparttar 102135 ground floor'; it's far better to have a solid history that shows a viable business opportunity.

__Are You Selling an Opportunity or a Product?

Whenrepparttar 102136 focus is on earning income by signing up others, you're part of what's known as a 'pyramid scheme'. To be brief: they're illegal.

Every opportunity should allow you to earn an decent income by selling a product or service to customers. If it focuses primarily on recruitment, reconsider.

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