9 Steps to Soapmaking Success

Written by Lisa Maliga

Melt and Pour soap is glycerin soap which is made from vegetable oils and is safer for your skin than most commercial brands found in your drug store or supermarket. You can obtain melt and pour soap overrepparttar Internet. Keywords are: ‘melt and pour soap making’ or ‘glycerin soap’. You’ll pay around $3 - $5 per pound. Translucent glycerin and opaque arerepparttar 116362 most common types sold. Opaque glycerin is white as it is colored withrepparttar 116363 mineral titanium dioxide. Also, you will be able to buy soap making kits that contain allrepparttar 116364 needed ingredients.

Once you’ve made your first batch, you can get more creative when choosing colors, scents, and additives such as dried flowers, herbs or soothing oils. You’ll discoverrepparttar 116365 ideal way to make useful gifts for family, friends and co-workers. Your newfound hobby may even turn into a new work-at-home business! Soap Supplies: Glycerin melt & pour soap -- 2 pounds [32 ounces] Coloring—cosmetic grade color nuggets Fragrances – [cosmetic grade only] Molds: These will come in various sizes and shapes but plastic is recommended. You can order soap molds online or find them at a crafts shop or candle supply store. You can use microwavable containers, food containers, candle molds or even drawer organizers. At many discount stores you can findrepparttar 116366 perfect mold, and for less than $2 in many cases. Using plastic means that you can reuse it and that it will make gettingrepparttar 116367 soap out so much easier than a glass mold. Warning: Don’t use aluminum or metal. Step 1: Onrepparttar 116368 cutting board you’ll slice uprepparttar 116369 soap into cubes, approximately one to two inches. You’ll then put these into a plastic container, first weighingrepparttar 116370 container and notingrepparttar 116371 weight, and puttingrepparttar 116372 filled container ontorepparttar 116373 scale. Step 2: Using your double boiler, fillrepparttar 116374 bottom part with water a few inches deep. For microwave users only—when you meltrepparttar 116375 soap, don’t userepparttar 116376 highest heat, watchrepparttar 116377 soap carefully and don’t melt it allrepparttar 116378 way, allow a few chunks to remain. They’ll melt quickly.

Chinchillas As Pets

Written by Valerie Garner


You may wish to consider a chinchilla. They are in

the rodent family, (but it doesn't seem that way).

Chins have incredible velvety fir, and they resemble

a chubby squirrel with micky mouse type ears. They

are nocturnal, although they do get up and play a

lot duringrepparttar day. Chins are very smart and playful,

and I'm told can be trained. They are also very clean,

so their cage area doesn't tend to stink as many do.

I got my first pair of chinchillas, as adults, a

proven breeding pair. They were nice enough but

they never really did bond with us. We ended up

having 3 litters total. They ususally have 1-3

babies, and their pregnancy is 111 days

(about 4 months), which is VERY long for an

animal that size. The babies come out fully

formed, "ready to go" you might say. Fully

furred, eyes opened, running around. They can

even eat adult food almost from day 1, although

they prefer to nurse.

Chinchillas eat prepared chin food that comes

in a pellet form. They also need 1 raisin a day

(which they LOVE!). Every few days it's a good

idea to give them a dust bath, you can purchase

"chinchilla dust" at a pet store. You put it in

a bowl and they dive in, roll and kick up a fuss,

a pure delight to watch. Company always love to

watch "Ittle bittle" take her bath.

The real joy for us came as we kept one of the

babies, we later sold mom and dad. She bonded

really well with us, she was handed a lot from

birth on. She has been one ofrepparttar 116361 BEST pets I've

ever had (of any kind of animal). She is playful,

friendly, never bites, she "barks" its a quiet,

cute kind of bark. A whole lot of personality

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