9 Simple Strategies for Home Organization

Written by Karen Fritscher-Porter

Home organization means being able to find your stuff when you need it, not after an hour or more of searching. But home organization doesn't necessarily mean you're neat or clean. It doesn't even mean you're not a pack rat. Home organization just means everything has a place and you know where that place is in your home.

Of course, when you practice "home organization" and "clearing clutter" together you do inevitably get a neater and more organized home. Why? Because you can find your stuff when you need it AND you're not tripping over your stuff. So instead of allowing yourself, or your family, to consistently put your shoes inrepparttar entryway (where you do know their location), you designate another spot such as a shoe rack inrepparttar 143937 foyer closet. That's blending home organization with clutter clearing techniques. Here are 9 strategies for home organization that also may help you clear clutter in your home:

1) CLUSTER LIKE ITEMS - When you organize an office storage closet at home or work, putrepparttar 143938 different types of paper beside each other on a shelf. And what goes with paper? Envelopes. Putrepparttar 143939 different types of envelopes adjacent torepparttar 143940 paper. Adjacent to that you might put writing instruments used on paper like pencils and pens. And so forth. Organizing holiday ornaments? Keep bins of Christmas supplies together. Keep bins of Easter decorations together. Then put all of these holiday storage bins in one clustered area in your garage or attic. You can also userepparttar 143941 cluster mindset for toys and sports equipment.

2) MAKE THINGS CONVENIENT - This simply means put most frequently used items towardrepparttar 143942 front of shelves or on shelves within arms reach or at eye level ofrepparttar 143943 user (whether that's you, your spouse or your children). Put infrequently used items in those hard to reach cabinets in corners, cabinets above your refrigerator, inrepparttar 143944 attic, etc. Put shelving or other organizers in convenient places such as put shoe racks, umbrella stands and hanging baskets for gloves in a closet nearrepparttar 143945 entryway you use most often.

3) LABEL IT - Invest in an inexpensive label maker. You'll have fun labeling items (e.g. home recorded DVD tapes) or labeling places where items should go so they always get returned torepparttar 143946 same spot. For example, label specific garage shelf spaces for hand tools or power tools. That way nobody in your family will ever forget where they got an item they're using and they'll know where its exact "home" is.

4) DON'T KEEP AN ITEM IF... - ...you can find it elsewhere. So much research, forms and other paperwork is easily accessed these days throughrepparttar 143947 Internet. Just keep a simple list of Websites and useful phone numbers and then you'll always know where to return to or who to call in order to access that information again.

Signs Of Teething Baby

Written by Nell Taliercio

If you are wondering if your baby is teething here are a few surefire signs that your little one is about to get his first set of choppers:

·Increased fussiness. ·Nighttime crying. ·“Clingy" behavior. ·Excessive dribbling (drooling). ·Chewing on fingers, teething rings, and other objects. ·Swollen, red, inflamed gums. ·Increased demand in breast or bottle-feeding. ·Rejection of breast or bottle because sucking hurtsrepparttar gums. ·Poor appetite. ·Interrupted sleep.

To help soothe your baby's teething discomfort there are some things you might want to try:

·Gently massagerepparttar 143874 swollen gums with one of your fingers (be sure to wash your hands thoroughly).

·Take a clean, soft washcloth and soak it in apple juice. Wring it out, tierepparttar 143875 cloth in a knot, and place it inrepparttar 143876 freezer for 30 minutes (it will not freeze hard like water does, rather, it will get very cold and nearly frozen). When frozen, give it to your baby, placing it first in his mouth, then his hands.

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