96 Minutes a Day That Will Change Your Life

Written by Kathy Paauw

Copyright 2005 Kathy Paauw

In my previous article, The Art of Possibility, http://www.orgcoach.net/newsletter/june2005.html I suggested that you project yourself intorepparttar future by writing yourself a letter dated for a year from now. And I promised you some tips to help you set your insights into motion. This month I encourage you to take some time to create a list of daily or weekly rituals that will support you in attainingrepparttar 147935 milestones you want to accomplish overrepparttar 147936 next twelve months. Sometimes it'srepparttar 147937 little things that make a big difference inrepparttar 147938 long run. (Read my article: The Ripple Effect: Small Steps Lead to Big Results at http://www.orgcoach.net/newsletter/march2005.html .) What actions do you choose to take that will lead to better health, success, and greater meaning and fulfillment in your life? Write down some specific intentions so you can review them frequently. For example: * Takerepparttar 147939 dog for a brisk morning walk for 30 minutes right after getting out of bed. Duringrepparttar 147940 walk, visualize how I want my day to be.

* When I enter my office, take 10 minutes to review my tickler file and clarifyrepparttar 147941 three most important areas of focus forrepparttar 147942 day. Then spendrepparttar 147943 next 96 minutes* (8:30-10:06 AM) focusing on those three areas. Do this before checking email. Do not answerrepparttar 147944 phone during this focus time. * Leaverepparttar 147945 office by 6 PM. Do not bring work home. * Have dinner as a family at least three weeknights each week. * Be in bed by 10 PM so I get 8 hours of sleep each night.

* Do my weekly planning on Fridays forrepparttar 147946 coming week. Schedule all ofrepparttar 147947 things mentioned above into my calendar so I have a plan for making them happen.

*Whyrepparttar 147948 odd number of 96 minutes above? Because ofrepparttar 147949 Pareto Principle -repparttar 147950 80/20 rule (see below). Twenty percent of an eight-hour workday is 96 minutes! This is really powerful stuff, so I hope you'll keep reading...

In 1906, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto created a mathematical formula to describerepparttar 147951 unequal distribution of wealth in his country, observing that 80 percent ofrepparttar 147952 land in Italy was owned by 20 percent ofrepparttar 147953 population. After Pareto made his observation and created his formula, many others observed similar phenomena in their own areas of expertise.

Inrepparttar 147954 1940s, Quality Management pioneer, Dr. Joseph Juran, recognized a universal principle which he calledrepparttar 147955 "vital few and trivial many." A lack of precision on Juran's part made it appear that he was applying Pareto's observations about economics to his own observations. As a result, Juran's observation ofrepparttar 147956 "vital few and trivial many" became known as Pareto's Principle - commonly known today asrepparttar 147957 80/20 rule.

New Rules

Written by Helaine Iris

Last week I was working with one of my small business clients, a bright and dynamic woman who’s passionate about positioning her artisan business for growth. We were talking about her financial picture and forecasting robust sales overrepparttar next three years.

As I coached her, she expressed excitement and eagerness to see her dreams turn into reality, yet somewhere, just belowrepparttar 147661 surface, I sensed subtle resistance on her part to fully imaginerepparttar 147662 scenario we were painting.

I asked her about what she was feeling. After stopping for a moment to “feel into” my observation, she tentatively at first, then heartily agreed. Then she got very curious about her seemingly incongruous resistance to success.

“Sarah”, I asked, “What is your ‘rule’, about financial success? In other words, what belief do you carry (deep down) about money?” It didn’t take long for her to respond. “Well,” she reported, “if you’re financially successful, it means you have to give up on your values and your integrity”.

Wow! By uncovering that one rule, Sarah hit pay dirt. She was now free to clearly see that one disempowering rule she had been carrying her entire life.

Taking a look atrepparttar 147663 rules that drive your thinking is a very powerful activity to help you grow as a person, especially as a business owner. Another wise client of mine once said, “There’s no way to separate who we are from what we do”. You can haverepparttar 147664 most empowered business plans inrepparttar 147665 world and if your inner life and dialog is disempowered…forget it. It’s an up hill battle.

What are your ‘under-the-surface rules’ that run your life and business? To explore, ask yourself: Where are you consistently stuck in your business? What arerepparttar 147666 things that always hang you up? What arerepparttar 147667 recurring thoughts or themes you could writerepparttar 147668 book about?

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