8 ways to build a really bad web site for Search Engines

Written by Gareth Davies

Some web sites receive hundreds or thousands of unique visitors a day, whilst others only get a handful or none. The reason is often becauserepparttar web designers or Webmaster has builtrepparttar 105841 site in one ‘really bad way’ or other. This can end up hinderingrepparttar 105842 potential success ofrepparttar 105843 web site. If you want to make sure your site is not a ‘traffic flop’ then here are some simple rules to follow.

Bad Move 1: Buildrepparttar 105844 site using a frameset.

Framesets may save designers time but are bad news for search engines. They can struggle to follow links intorepparttar 105845 web site or read text onrepparttar 105846 page unless you use a no frames tag effectively. In addition to this, if an engine does keep a cache of a site with frames it will often pick uprepparttar 105847 individual frames/ pages and notrepparttar 105848 complete frameset. The downside of this is that you may lose your navigation for many of your pages, which is likely to turn visitors off. Whilst one or two partial fixes to framesets are out there, it’s still no wonder that many web site promoters still cry “Please No Frames”. For more information on why framesets can cause problems visit http://www.html-faq.com/htmlframes/

Bad Move 2: Buildrepparttar 105849 site purely in flash.

Flash intros and web sites can be visually stunning, but atrepparttar 105850 same time they can be rather limiting when it comes to search engines. If your main site is all one flash site it will typically play in just one html page. Some search engines simply can’t read Flash and so your web site to them is just one relatively empty HTML page. If your competitors web site has 15 or 20 pages in HTML talking about their good sand services then they will have a big advantage on you. If you must have a Flash site for graphical reasons then it would be wise to budget for a separate HTML web site to have along siderepparttar 105851 Flash so your site content can be read and indexed by search engines.

Bad Move 3: Decide that graphics are more important than words

Be careful. As great as some images can be, try not to let designers convince you that you don’t need copy on your web site or that a few lines is enough. Only very occasionally is there ever an excuse to fill your web site with graphics atrepparttar 105852 expense of text. Ifrepparttar 105853 graphics look great, then match them with great copy. Sales copy is important to tell your audience why your goods and services are important. Search engines also like to index plenty of useful copy too. 250-500 words is a sensible starting guide for most pages or ½ ofrepparttar 105854 amount you would place in a brochure. Text copy is important and will always be so make sure web site has some!

Bad Move 4: Leaving outrepparttar 105855 Meta tags

This is a bad move as Meta Tags are important to search engines. Clear and concise title tags should be written for every page reflecting what it contains. Avoid writing things like ‘Home’ or ‘welcome’ as it’s fairly meaningless. If you page is selling blue widgets then get ‘blue widgets’ inrepparttar 105856 title and keeprepparttar 105857 title to 10 words or less.

In addition to this create a well-written objective Meta description for each page, and list your Meta Keywords. These keywords should also reflectrepparttar 105858 content on your web page. Leaving these 3 things out, or doing them badly can be disastrous. The impact of Meta tags on rankings may vary from engine to engine, but without them your pages could be ignored. Most HTML editors allow you to easily insert Meta Tags into your web page and it only takes a few moments to add to a page. So there are no excuses. Make sure you have good Title tags, Meta Description and Meta Keyword tags on your pages today!

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

Written by Daegan Smith

Lets face it. Search Engines rulerepparttar World Wide Web today. Anytime you want to look up some information or a product you want to buy, you putrepparttar 105840 relevant keyword inrepparttar 105841 search field of a major SE like Google. And Violá! The efficient little engine throws up pages and pages of website URLs which carry your keyword.

SEO has becomerepparttar 105842 most popular andrepparttar 105843 most effective strategy for increasing website traffic today. It gives you more exposure, pulls in more qualified visitors and helps you substantially increase your income. So, if you are a home based business owner with a serious web presence you would knowrepparttar 105844 importance of attracting quality traffic to your website. Among allrepparttar 105845 strategies and tactics you can employ to attract focused web traffic to your site, optimising your website to get in top SE rankings isrepparttar 105846 most important. However to keep your rankings that way you have to be on top of what is happening inrepparttar 105847 SE industry. To understand how search engines work, spend some time at: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/0,4621,316408,00.html

Here are some great ways to optimize your site to get torepparttar 105848 top ofrepparttar 105849 SE rankings and stay that way:

  1. Reciprocal links: Fish out relevant (but non-competing) websites that complement your services and products and ask them to link to your site. It’s a big hit with search engines to see a large number of sites linked to yours. However more important than quantity isrepparttar 105850 quality ofrepparttar 105851 linked sites. Search engines look at how relevantrepparttar 105852 links are, that is, how muchrepparttar 105853 content ofrepparttar 105854 linking site has in common withrepparttar 105855 content on your site. The more relevant,repparttar 105856 better. SE s also gaugerepparttar 105857 importance of these sites; their online presence andrepparttar 105858 number of hits they get. In a nutshell SE s believe that company matters!

  2. Keyword isrepparttar 105859 king:however muchrepparttar 105860 SE industry changes its rules, algorithms, indexing methods….repparttar 105861 right keyword is stillrepparttar 105862 most important reason they will pick up your site to put on their top result pages. So keyword inclusion and placement is very important. The best places to place your chosen keywords are:

    • Domain name: Putting your keyword in your domain name is both most obvious andrepparttar 105863 most important. But take care to put it inrepparttar 105864 root ofrepparttar 105865 URL, not inrepparttar 105866 stem…that could SE s angry and do you more harm than good.
    • Title tags: inrepparttar 105867 title tags of your source code
    • Meta description: Inrepparttar 105868 Meta description of your site.
    • Meta keyword tags

  3. CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT: Create content rich information pages to get traffic coming your way. A word of caution…unless these pages contain information of some value torepparttar 105869 potential visitors SE s may not pick them up. Search engines hate "pointer pages" that have no content and exist only to add torepparttar 105870 number of links pointing to a site.

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