8 Ways to Rev up Your Metabolism

Written by Meri Raffetto RD

Yes it’s true- and so unfair. As we get older weight gain begins to creep up on us. You hear people every day inrepparttar grocery store, aroundrepparttar 131331 water cooler, at parties complaining of this additional weight they can’t seem to lose. You used to eat anything and not gain an ounce but now it seems 2 chips will send your weight up another notch onrepparttar 131332 scale. So what is this weight gain mystery?

One thing we know for sure is that our metabolism is slowing down as we get older. Simply put, metabolism isrepparttar 131333 way our bodies burnrepparttar 131334 calories fromrepparttar 131335 food that we eat. The shift of midlife weight gain actually begins in our 20’s – 30’s. We naturally gain body fat while losing lean body mass. This loss of lean body mass can greatly affect our metabolism. Starting at about age 25, a person’s metabolism declines approximately 5 percent every decade! So it seems we are entering intorepparttar 131336 battle of age vs. metabolism. We can’t control ageing, so what now? Do we wave our white flags and succumb to what seems a natural progression of unwanted, continuous weight gain?

Absolutely not! There are several simple and natural ways to triumph over this battle at any age.

•Increase Muscle Mass The most important factor of metabolism is lean body mass. Muscle burns up to 90% more calories than fat. The more muscle mass you have,repparttar 131337 more calories you will burn in a day. By adding three to five pounds of muscle you could actually burn 100 - 250 additional calories a day. Try adding a weight bearing activity 2-3 times a week such as lifting free weights, walking, or resistance training. Simply carrying your groceries home could be considered weight bearing! Lifting 5-8 pound hand weights while watching your favorite television show could go a long way towards burning calories.

•Don’t Skip Meals! The myth that skipping meals decreases your total calorie level and helps you to lose weight is not true. When people skip meals or decrease their calories significantly (< 1000 calories/day), they actually decrease their metabolism. They go into “starvation mode” whererepparttar 131338 body tries to compensate forrepparttar 131339 low calories. Your metabolic rate can actually decrease as much as 10-15% and your body will hold on torepparttar 131340 fat and burn lean muscle instead. Always eat at least 3 meals and avoid dipping below 1000 calories a day.

•Regular activity Regular exercise routines such as biking, walking, or hiking will help raise your metabolism duringrepparttar 131341 activity and for several hours after. Even simple movements such as takingrepparttar 131342 stairs, house cleaning, or simple yard work can help increase your burn rate. •Adequate Protein Protein providesrepparttar 131343 building blocks for muscle. Without adequate protein you may actually lose muscle. You need about .4 - .5 gram of protein per pound body weight. For a woman weighing 160 pounds she would need approximately 64 - 80 grams of protein daily. •Sleep! A 1999 University of Chicago study showed that sleep loss affectsrepparttar 131344 way we metabolize carbohydrates resulting in glucose intolerance and possibly leading to increased hunger and a slowed metabolism. Lack of sleep also can interfere with our energy levels duringrepparttar 131345 day and cause us to skip our exercise routine because we are “too tired”. How often have you told yourself that?

5 Simple Weight Loss Tips

Written by Gary Gresham

Not long ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my doctor told me to lose weight or my life would be shortened by many years. Being overweight most of my life I knew it was time to get serious.

I know how hard weight loss is and I want to share a few things with you I found alongrepparttar way that helped me lose 70lbs in eleven months. I believe these weight loss tips can help you too, no matter what diet you chose to follow.

Tip #1 Eat Smaller Meals More Often

Eat breakfast, and then a couple of hours later have a snack. Eat lunch then a couple of hours later then have another snack. In another couple of hours you can eat dinner. Just make your choices are sensible. I buyrepparttar 131329 small peeled carrots inrepparttar 131330 bag that are ready to eat so I can eat healthy snacks.

Most diet plans leave you feeling deprived, but all of that chewing makes you feel more satisfied. Eating every few hours also raises your metabolic rate which means your body will burn fat and stop storing fat. Once you get used to this small change, you'll discover this weight loss tip really works.

Tip #2 Eat Lots Of Vegetables

Eat raw vegetables and salads because they are low in calories, low in carbohydrates and are loaded with vitamins. But if you cover your salad or vegetables with dressing, you may as well forget about losing weight. Always get your salad dressing onrepparttar 131331 side because dressing is high in fat.

A good weight loss tip I discovered is dip your fork inrepparttar 131332 dressing before you forkrepparttar 131333 salad. This gives you a small taste but keepsrepparttar 131334 amount of salad dressing you eat to a minimum.

Tip #3 Drink Plenty Of Water

I fought this tip at first because it was just too hard to believe. But I changed my mind when I sawrepparttar 131335 benefits. Drinking water not only makes you less hungry but you will notice a big difference inrepparttar 131336 way you feel.

I drank a lot of diet sodas all of my life, but changing to water gave me a cleaner feeling and it actually helped me shed pounds once I switched. Any doctor will tell you to drink more water because it's good for your overall health. If you change your mind about drinking more water, it could berepparttar 131337 one tip that makes a big difference in your weight loss.

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