8 Ways on How To Explode Your Website Traffic Hit Counter

Written by Guy Quantrell

Every website needs traffic because without traffic it's impossible to sell anything. Here are 8 simple ways how you can get your website hit counter explode. 1) Start an affiliate program. It'srepparttar #1 way how to get high quality traffic to your website. Almost every successful online business has an affiliate program. 2) Build an opt in list. This isrepparttar 116808 most important factor of any internet business. With an opt in list you can get massive high-quality traffic to any website instantly. Every successful internet marketer has an opt in list. 3) Use a tool such as Traffic Equalizer. This tool instantly creates thousands of search engine friendly pages for your website. Each page is targeted for one keyphrase and gets traffic from search engines. Getrepparttar 116809 tool at trafficequalizer.com 4) Write articles and submit them to article directories and ezine publishers. Collect a list of ezine publishers and submit your articles to them. Also submit your articles to article directories. Also advertise to Ezine readers. A great tool for this can be found at: http://www.ezinebroadcast.com/main.cgi?guyquantrell

5) Exchange links with other websites. Exchanging links with hundreds of other websites can bring heavy traffic to your website. You can exchange links very fast using ARELIS link exchange tool at axandra-link-popularity-tool.com

"Knowledge" SELLS!

Written by Dr. Paul Richards

What are millions of people doing onrepparttar Internet everyday ? Have you ever thought about what YOU are doing onrepparttar 116807 Internet ?

The answer is: you, like most people, are onrepparttar 116808 Internet because you are looking for information. Like most people, you are also probably hoping to get this information for FREE for that has beenrepparttar 116809 culture sincerepparttar 116810 Internet came into popular existence.

How is it then possible to make any money onrepparttar 116811 Internet if everyone’s mindset is “FREE”, “FREE”, “FREE” ?

The answer is: “Knowledge” - sell YOUR special knowledge—something you know which they don’t know, and something which they are looking for. Most people are searching for information to gain some knowledge about something which they have an interest in or are passionate about. If this “something” happens to be what you have, you already ownrepparttar 116812 rights to a potential goldmine. All you need to do is to set yourself up to start mining it.

People who are looking for freebies CAN be converted to paying customers if you can convince them that your knowledge or any information that you might have about their hobby, interest or favourite subject CANNOT be found anywhere else for free. This isrepparttar 116813 PRIMARY KEY to online success.

The knowledge market is an unlimited one. Each and every one of us have certain unique knowledge but only some of us have figured out what that is and have capitalized on it.

Ever heard ofrepparttar 116814 old saying -”Beauty is inrepparttar 116815 eye ofrepparttar 116816 beholder” ? In a way, each of our unique knowledge can be perceived in this manner; yours may well be of no value to me, but that does not mean that it is of no value to everyone else. It is highly likely that there is a small group of people out there who ARE craving for this bit of knowledge which you hold. Your job is to identify this niche and then market directly to them.

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