8 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commission

Written by Toon Chooi Tan

1) Collect your visitor email addresses by providing free reports.

Offer a free report to your visitor. This report should provide helpful and valuable information. This will enable you to collect your visitors email address and follow up with them. Use an autoresponder to automate this work for you.

Some of them are: http://www.getresponse.com http://www.aweber.com http://www.freeautobot.com http://www.permissionexpress.com 2) Publish your own newsletter;

Publishing your own ezine and building up your subscriber base. Most ofrepparttar successful Marketing Gurus have a large subscriber base. The reason is simple, "The Gold Is In The List". Successful Marketers like Terry Dean, Jim Daniels etc have been successful in using this technique. The list server you can use are

http://www.topica.com http://www.yahoogroup.com http://www.eGroup.com http://www.freelist.org

3)Write your own endorsement or reviewrepparttar 102592 product you're promoting.

A heartfelt honest testimonial is hands downrepparttar 102593 best way to get a prospect to buy. Your prospect wants to know how this product has ben helping you. This will help them to makerepparttar 102594 decision to buy.

4)Use your web site 404 (Error) page.

Even though we try to build a perfect web site, sometimes something may be missing without our being aware of it. That's whyrepparttar 102595 software may still have bugs even after being tested a few times. Check with your web hosting company to see if you can customiserepparttar 102596 error page. In my case, I use my error page to promote Marlon's products. I put uprepparttar 102597 ebook cover andrepparttar 102598 ad onrepparttar 102599 error page. Whenever someone is looking for a page that is missing or mistypesrepparttar 102600 name, this page will help me to promote Marlon's products .

5) Fully utilize your thank you page .

Afterrepparttar 102601 visitor opts in to your mailing list, redirect them to a thank you page where you can recommend your affiliate product. Yanik Silver is using this technique; Afterrepparttar 102602 visitor submits their email forrepparttar 102603 report, they will be redirected torepparttar 102604 thank you page. Inrepparttar 102605 thank you page, Yanik will recommend a few products to his prospect. However, Marlon and some other Marketers prefer to sell 1 product at one time, which they believe it is more effective and less confusing. You can test these 2 methods by using a simple java script so thatrepparttar 102606 thank you page will be rotated. One is with a single product recommendation andrepparttar 102607 other page will be for multiple product recommendations. Test it out to see which one gives you a higher conversion rate.

Wanna know how to *really* boost your website income?

Written by Chuck McCullough

According to a new survey carried out by Alliance & where ID_NUM=9270; Leicester, one in five small business owners view tax as their greatest concern. The Chancellor has announced in his last budget that companies with profits below œ10,000 will not have to pay any corporation tax with effect from 1 April 2002. The question to be asked is: does that announcement make incorporation a more attractive option compared to being a sole trader?

The answer is that from a tax point of view, it is advantageous to trade through a limited company as long asrepparttar income is drawn fromrepparttar 102591 company byrepparttar 102592 owners as dividends from their shares andrepparttar 102593 amount of dividends drawn is restricted belowrepparttar 102594 40% band rate (i.e. œ31,063 for tax year 2002/03). That way,repparttar 102595 owners have no further personal tax ("income tax") to pay. Moreover, dividends are not subject to national insurance contributions. This is excellent news of course. But, if dividend income falls withinrepparttar 102596 higher rate bracket of income tax (i.e. above œ34,515), they will be taxed at 22.5% onrepparttar 102597 excess, which of course will increaserepparttar 102598 tax burden. The company profits are subject to corporation tax rates. Those are lower than income tax rates.

The most catastrophic scenario is whenrepparttar 102599 director takes his reward fromrepparttar 102600 company as salary. Then his/her salary is taxed at income tax rates (like a sole trader's income). That is because, unlike sole traders,repparttar 102601 tax system treats companies as separate from their owners because a company is a separate legal entity. The problem is thatrepparttar 102602 income taxes are higher than corporation tax rates. On top of that, they will be subject to employee and employer national insurance contributions, which of course increaserepparttar 102603 tax burden and render his position worse than even an unincorporated business ("sole trader"), because NIC Class 1 on payroll are higher than NIC Class 2 paid by self employed.

In contrast, a self employed person ("sole trader") is taxed at income tax rates onrepparttar 102604 profits from his business, which are added to his other sources of income. As it has already been mentioned, income tax rates are overall higher than corporation tax rates. On top of income tax, national insurance contributions class 4 are payable onrepparttar 102605 business profits within a specified band (7% on profits between œ4,615and œ30,420). National insurance contributions Class 2 are also paid by self-employed people, although those are lower than those payable by company directors on their salaries.

To illustraterepparttar 102606 above, let's take a simple example. We have a limited company and a sole trader. They both make œ60,000 profits each inrepparttar 102607 tax year 2002/03. We assume thatrepparttar 102608 company director takes a salary equal torepparttar 102609 amount of his personal allowances (untaxed income) of œ4,615 andrepparttar 102610 balance as dividends. The company will pay corporation tax at 19% equal to œ10,523 and nothing else. The sole trader will pay income tax œ16,542, National insurance Class 2 œ104 and National insurance Class 4 œ1,806. Total œ18,452. The bottom line is thatrepparttar 102611 person that has incorporated his business into a limited company will make a tax saving of œ7,929 compared to a sole trader! Isn't that fantastic?

Somebody might be wondering: why is this entire happening? The official explanation is that, this government, to helprepparttar 102612 economy grow, encourages people to leave as much profits within their businesses to be reinvested, instead of being taken out and spent.

The "unofficial line" is that, as a matter of fact, for yearsrepparttar 102613 Inland Revenue has tried to reclassifyrepparttar 102614 self-employed. The 1% in NIC hike on staff salaries aboverepparttar 102615 NIC threshold from next April adds to bothrepparttar 102616 employees' and employers' tax burden and may more than offsetrepparttar 102617 saving fromrepparttar 102618 corporation tax zero rate onrepparttar 102619 first œ10,000 of profits.

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