8 Ways To Fall In Love With Fitness

Written by Richard Moore

No, it's not impossible. You can fall in love with exercise instead of having that dreaded feeling every time you lace up your sneakers. The trick to falling in love with fitness is finding something you love to do, and trying new things because you may discover a dormant passion for line dancing, snow shoeing, or even something as exotic as fencing. It's time to uncover your inner athlete and fall in love all over again!

Balls, Bosu and Barrels If you wererepparttar kid who was always climbingrepparttar 149950 monkey bars and ropes atrepparttar 149951 park, you'll have tons of fun getting fit with these fitness tools. Exercise balls can be used for all kinds of abdominal exercises, a Bosu is a neat device for balance training and core stability exercises, and you can use a small barrel for practicing Pilates all inrepparttar 149952 comfort of your own home. So next time your atrepparttar 149953 park with your kids, they'll be chasing you onrepparttar 149954 monkey bars!

Square Dancing This energetic style of dance may look strange to you but it's great exercise and great fun! This folk dancing tradition has existed in Canada for hundreds of years and has maintained its popularity as a social activity often deemed "friendship set to music." Now this form of dance is even more popular as people are doh-si-dohing their way to being fit! Don't knock IT before you try it! You may forget you're getting fit because you're having so much fun!

Snowshoeing Snowshoes are thousands of years old, and Native Canadians used to use snowshoes as a form of transport. Only inrepparttar 149955 last century has snowshoeing become a recreational sport. Now, Canadians acrossrepparttar 149956 country are strapping on their snowshoes and heading forrepparttar 149957 trails to spend some time outdoors, at one with nature, while boosting cardiovascular fitness and toning their backsides. Today's modern snowshoes are typically lightweight, aluminum frames with fabric decks and strap bindings as opposed torepparttar 149958 classic bent-wood frames crisscrossed with rawhide strips. In recent years, many celebrities have talked aboutrepparttar 149959 physical benefits of snowshoeing, especially when it comes to toning your glutes and quads.

Snowshoes are inexpensive compared to skis and snowboards, and snowshoeing is not a difficult sport, but don't let that fool you into thinking you are not getting a good workout. Using poles, whether specially designed for snowshoeing or made for cross-country skiing, they will help you maintain balance and give your upper body a good workout too, especially when you're doing some intense climbing.

If Your Food Ageing You?

Written by Kim Beardsmore

Did you know thatrepparttar food you eat could be prematurely ageing you? Science has made some amazing discoveries inrepparttar 149916 last decade in nutrition. We really should be taking note of what we put in our mouth because more than ever, "we are what we eat". Do you knowrepparttar 149917 impact of what you are eating? Probably not. It's time to find out because over-indulgence in certain types of food causerepparttar 149918 body to prematurely age.

Would you like some more free radicals with your lunch...? There is frequent mention these days about 'free radicals' and how they are constantly attackingrepparttar 149919 body, causing potentially serious damage.

A free radical isrepparttar 149920 name for a molecule that has an unpaired electron. They are a normal by-product of metabolism and without them you would die.

To putrepparttar 149921 record straight, it'srepparttar 149922 over-production of free radicals that causes damage torepparttar 149923 body. We are advised by nutritional experts to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

This is because they are rich in antioxidant phytonutrients...substances that neutralise free radicals and so help protectrepparttar 149924 body.

One ofrepparttar 149925 essential tasks of free radicals is in producing energy fromrepparttar 149926 food you eat. Every time you eat, free radical activity is intense. The more food you eat,repparttar 149927 more free radicals are formed, andrepparttar 149928 more antioxidants your body needs to neutralise them. Big meals are big trouble!

Effective Antioxidants include vitamins A, C, E; minerals such as selenium, zinc, and herbs such as aloe vera and grapeseed extract.

The Reality of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are root vegetables, pasta, rice, bread, grains, fruit, pastries, cakes, biscuits, crisps, sweets etc. They are easy to prepare, filling, tasty and cheap. Most meals are dominated by carbohydrates, as most of us 'full up' on them. When you eat carbohydrates you're eating a form of sugar.

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