8 Tips for working from home

Written by Verena Zbinden

1. The biggest obstacle - YOU!

Yes, you read correctly - it's you! Now that you are your own boss,repparttar only attitude you can control is your own. You have to project a positive attitude whether you are face to face, onrepparttar 117973 telephone or onrepparttar 117974 computer, people can feel your moods, even from your writing.

Whether you want to work your home business part-time or full-time, do not work it just occasionally. If you treat your new business as a hobby, you will be paid like a hobby and frankly, I have not seen a hobby that pays you well enough... BE CONSISTENT AND PERSISTENT!

2. Get rid of negative people!

You have two options when it comes to people. They either follow you, or make sure you get out of their way! Look for people who want to change. You can't deal with whiners!

3. So now you do not have to get up inrepparttar 117975 morning...

After all, you are your own boss... Whether you work a regular 9-5 job or work from home, it is impertinent that you manage your time. Have a daily planner and markrepparttar 117976 time you will work, eat, read (yes, educate yourself continually!), have fun, sleep, etc. This will be your ideal workday.

Make sure and find a healthy balance between all your activities. Don't forget your family, they're important too... reserve time to spend with your loved ones.

4. Back to time management... it's double important!

I have found that successful people who work from home have deadlines, do not have time to talk for hours onrepparttar 117977 phone with friends, and above all, are more productive. If you find yourself saying "I do not have time" ask yourself how many hours you watch TV... or do other wasteful activities?

Hurry Up!! Get Rich??

Written by Gail Hornback

If you have an email address, then you've heard aboutrepparttar latest "Get-Rich" Program out. They come and go in waves, andrepparttar 117972 newest one seems to be cresting. This one is called MyListMaker. And before I say anything else, I want you to know I am NOT saying it is any kind of scam or that it WON'T get you rich. It very well could. It has some new twists, and makes some new promises that others have not made. And I have no doubt that many of you have paid repparttar 117973 fee and joined this program. If and when you DO start seeing some return, I would LOVE to hear from you. If you haven't yet put any money into it, just be sure you carefully considerrepparttar 117974 pros and cons of these types of programs before you makerepparttar 117975 decision to invest in one of these programs.

Let's look atrepparttar 117976 details of this one in particular:

This program is based on a 3x10 forced matrix. You get 3 people on your first level, whom all have 3 on theirs, down through 10 levels. Everyone has to sign up 4 members, andrepparttar 117977 "spillover" is placed (forced) into existing downlines.

To getrepparttar 117978 most out of this program, you need to refer four people inrepparttar 117979 first three days after you join, and it will build a mailing list of up to 80,000 addresses for you. PLUS, you earn $10 per referral, which hasrepparttar 117980 potential of making you $800,000. Pretty darn tempting. Even WITHOUTrepparttar 117981 referral fees, what a person couldn't do with a mailing list of 80,000 addresses, right? We'll talk about that part in a minute.

*Refer 4 people in 3 days, you get $10 for every referral. *Refer 4 people in 7 days, you get $5 " " " " . *Refer 4 people after 7 days, you get $1 " " " ".

They pay NOTHING until you have referred 4 paying members. (Membership is $89.) And don't overlookrepparttar 117982 part ofrepparttar 117983 member agreement that says that you won't get paid until your account reaches $200.00. They give you no information about what happens to any money in an account that does not reachrepparttar 117984 $200.00 minimum payment amount. And they also state that they make no guarantees as to how much money you can earn.

My biggest problem with this, and any other similar MLM program is that they sell no tangible products!!! The money is earned by recruiting new members. You are basically getting a portion of what others' pay to join. So, there is no real incoming revenue. It is basically just money being passed around. And at $89 per member, for someone to wind up with $800,000, (or even an eighth of that amount!) there are going to have to be a LOT of members that don't earn a dime.

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