8 Tips for Writing A Knock-Em Dead Headline

Written by Kris Mills

There are so many elements that play a very important part in every ad, sales letter, brochure or any piece of business communication that you write. And one ofrepparttar most important elements isrepparttar 129532 headline.

The headline of your piece will either makes your reader so excited they’ll want to readrepparttar 129533 rest of your ad, letter etc. or it will make them switch off completely.

Here are some tips to help you do that.

1. Flag down your reader

If your product or service appeals to a select group of people, a great way of grabbing their attention is to flag your reader down. People like belonging, They like identifying themselves with select groups so by flagging that interest group in your headline, you’ve instantly attractedrepparttar 129534 attention of your target group.

2. Promise your reader a benefit

Some ofrepparttar 129535 most successful headlines convey something unique about a business.

Are yourepparttar 129536 only business in your field that does something thatrepparttar 129537 others don’t do like offering something for free or giving extra service and so on.

What do you do that your competition doesn’t?

Do you go through a 43-point checklist with your customer to make sure you are doing a good job?

Do you use a revolutionary process that saves your client time, money and does a better job?

Have you studied for 20 years withrepparttar 129538 world expert in your field? (If you have, certainly include it inrepparttar 129539 headline but you must show how this expertise will benefit your reader).

If you do something that makes you stand head and shoulders above your competition, use it in your headline. Likewise, if you’re offering your clients something truly outstanding, mention it in your headline.

3. Userepparttar 129540 word ‘you’

The most important word inrepparttar 129541 English language when it comes to advertising isrepparttar 129542 word ‘you’. It helps your reader relate to what you say. It helps them involve themselves in your selling message. This factor comes back torepparttar 129543 fact that most people are ‘me, me, me’. If you can talk ‘you, you, you’, you’ve got their attention.

How To Write Original Information!

Written by Larry Dotson

Nowadays, it's hard to come up with original topics to write about. There are millions of articles, e-zines and web sites packed with information. One ofrepparttar easiest ways to come up with new subjects to write about is to bundle different topics together.

Below are eight ideas for bundling topics together:

1. Combine your information with new solutions. For example, there are many solutions to get out of debt. If you can think up a new one write about it.

2. Incorporate your information with original fiction. For example, if your topic is fishing, write a fictional story about it.

3. Conjoin your information with an unrelated topic. For example, you could combine chemistry and web marketing together.

4. Link your information with new ideas. For example, if you are writing about typewriters, tell peoplerepparttar 129530 difference between them and computers.

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