8 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Written by David Cooper

If you're just starting out onrepparttar Internet choosing a domain name is one ofrepparttar 108288 first major decisions you will have to make. I won't say that choosing a name for your site will determinerepparttar 108289 overall success or failure of your online business. It will, however, affect almost every aspect of your business. Finding a good domain name requires extensive planning.

I would like to offer some tips for successfully choosing a domain name:

1) Userepparttar 108290 .COM extension. This is stillrepparttar 108291 number one choice forrepparttar 108292 majority of online businesses. While, .NET, .ORG,.INFO,.BIZ, and .US are viable alternatives they are not as widely recognized as .COM. The .COM extension will immediately give you and your business more credibility. Also, because we are creatures of habit many people automatically include .COM when typing in almost any web address, so why not capitalize on human nature?

2) Keep it Short. Whenever possible your domain name should not be longer than 13-15 characters, numbers, or hyphens. It is much more difficult forrepparttar 108293 average person to remember longer variations of a web address.

3) Make it Sticky. You want your domain name to be easy to remember. Make it stick out in people's minds. Be creative. Be Unique.

4) Minimize Confusion. You should never lose a prospective customer because they misspelled your domain name, or they usedrepparttar 108294 wrong extension. If you can afford it, register other variations of your domain name and have them redirect to your main site.

5) Include Keywords in Your Domain Name. Try to include at least 1 and if possible 2 keywords in your domain name. Many ofrepparttar 108295 experts believe this can help withrepparttar 108296 way some ofrepparttar 108297 search engines index and rank your site.

6) Be Descriptive. Your domain name should have something to do with your business. Make it descriptive of your site, your product offerings, or your service.

A Winning Domain Name

Written by Debra Gravelle

The domain name is one ofrepparttar most important decisions you will make when trying to win overrepparttar 108287 search engine dilemma. Try using at least one of your best keywords within your domain name. The search engine andrepparttar 108288 directories give higher preference when your domain name is relevant to your site content or theme. Let me give you an example of three different ways you could look at your domain name and howrepparttar 108289 major search engines will view them for indexing.

www.trafficnmore.com www.trafficNmore.com www.traffic-N-more.com

Which one would you have chosen?

www.trafficNmore.com, Right!

The search engines may not necessarily see it that way. Even though trafficNmore.com is easily understood byrepparttar 108290 eye ofrepparttar 108291 visitor,repparttar 108292 search engine will not seerepparttar 108293 difference between trafficnmore.com and trafficNmore.com. Both are good ranking for a site dealing with traffic issues. Even though you haverepparttar 108294 approval of your visitor looking for your information, you could get a higher ranking withrepparttar 108295 search engines by using www.traffic-N-more.com and still keeprepparttar 108296 eye appeal for your visitor.

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