8 Things You Can Do For Someone Suffering from Depression

Written by Susan Dunn, Professional Coach

Someone suffering a clinical depression needs medication and therapy. In addition, here are some things you can do for them as a loving person in their life, or as their personal life coach.

1. Be clear in your mind that they need medication and therapy, and project this. Encourage them to continue both. Make it clear it's nowrepparttar new routine.

2. There should be Guide Dogs forrepparttar 131054 Depressed. Ifrepparttar 131055 depressed loved-one or client in your life doesn't have a companion pet, give them a well-trained, easy-to-manage, older one. This is particularly important if they live alone. Specify that you will take care ofrepparttar 131056 dog in terms of vet care and bills, and provide a starter-kit--huge bag of dog food and container, food and water dishes, bedding, etc. In other words, make it easy for them to accept this healing gift. I have a depressed coaching client in Manhattan sufferingrepparttar 131057 aftermath of Nine One One who mostly talks to me about her beloved companion dog. I consider “Cody” part ofrepparttar 131058 healing team for this woman.

3. Make any decision you can forrepparttar 131059 person. In other words, don't say "Would you like to go out for dinner tonight? Where would you like to go?" Say instead, "We're going to Bijan's tomorrow night for dinner. I'll pick you up at 7:00. Just wear your jeans." Once there, offer to order forrepparttar 131060 person.

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