8 Prosperity Principles

Written by Jeff Forte

I have taken my favorite elements out of allrepparttar literature and teachings I've ever read and practiced, and insights I've come to though my own personal experiences onrepparttar 124082 path, and formulated these 8 Principles for Prosperity. I also encourage you to make your own list of prosperity principles based on what works for you. May these 8 principles lightrepparttar 124083 fire to manifest more of your heart's desires!

(From my experience ... If you truly, wholly, fully integrate these eight principles, you haverepparttar 124084 "inner state" to create anything you desire.)

1. Prosperity comes through communication. Communicate withrepparttar 124085 world around you to expand your prosperity ... through love and appreciation. You cannot experience ultimate abundance without realizing your connection to all things. As you realize we are all One, this becomes a natural part ofrepparttar 124086 path to your prosperity.

2. What you appreciate in life appreciates (throughrepparttar 124087 Law of Attraction). Start appreciating everything you have in your experience. Stop and jot downrepparttar 124088 things in your life that you appreciate from time to time, even on a daily basis if you are so inclined. Instead of complain aboutrepparttar 124089 things you don't have, appreciate what you do have. The more you find things to appreciaterepparttar 124090 more rich you become, inwardly and outwardly. This is affirming your abundance. And employingrepparttar 124091 Law of Attraction on your behalf.

3. Learn how to consciously command what you want fromrepparttar 124092 Universe (as creator). When you have a belief that keeps you in lack, you can userepparttar 124093 power of DESIRE and INTENTION to manifest your desire. It then matters less what you believe possible for yourself or what has been your past experience.

4. The past does not exist. Your past is a figment of your imagination. It has no real meaning other thanrepparttar 124094 meaning you assign it. You are one with any part of your past when you think about it ... and you create more of it inrepparttar 124095 NOW. So think aboutrepparttar 124096 past as an eternal stream of "practice takes" that allow you to "get it right" in this moment! Only energizerepparttar 124097 elements ofrepparttar 124098 past that serve your expansion intorepparttar 124099 prosperous reality you are now allowing and hence creating to be there.

Every Problem Is An Opportunity To Cash In On

Written by John Colanzi

There's a motivational speaker byrepparttar name of Charles "Tremendous" Jones. One of his quotes is "Every problem is an opportunity to cash in on."

Wellrepparttar 124081 last few weeks his theories have been put torepparttar 124082 test.

I've been doingrepparttar 124083 rounds with various Medical tests and specialists. I ordered a PC which ended up having a bad hard drive. I had to jump back and forth between PC's just to get anything done.


I was starting to wonder if old "Tremendous was right, or was it just wishful thinking?

Those demons of negative thinking were kicking in. How was I going to handle it?

My first reaction was to start "sucking my thumb," and have a "pity party." It sure would be a lot easier to "throw in repparttar 124084 towel," and blame fate.

That lasted a day or two and then I started thinking about taking advantage ofrepparttar 124085 extra time I had available.

I started studying. Maybe all these problems were what I needed? Sometimes we get so tied up working our businesses, we don't have time to learn and grow.

Charlie was right, this wasrepparttar 124086 best thing that could have happened. I was forced to step back, re- evaluate and move torepparttar 124087 next level.

So what have I learned during my little break?

1. I found a nice software program to make it easier to write my articles. I can write my articles and format them atrepparttar 124088 same time.

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