8 Million de-domains

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

DENIC,repparttar registry ofrepparttar 108254 German Top Level Domain (TLD) has announced, that it has receivedrepparttar 108255 eight millionth application forrepparttar 108256 registration of a de-domain. The de-domain hasrepparttar 108257 position asrepparttar 108258 world’s favourite Country Code TLD, ahead of .uk, which has about 3.7 million registrations. The de-domains are also numerically stronger than nearly allrepparttar 108259 generic Top Level Domains that are used throughoutrepparttar 108260 world, such as .org, .net, .info and .biz. Only one thecom-domain with more than 30 million domains is more often registered thanrepparttar 108261 de-domain.

October 2004 .de 7.981.014 (Increment compared to one month ago: 89.793) .at 367.987 (Increment compared to one month ago: 4.766) .com 31.017.772 (Increment compared to one month ago: 750.631) .net 4.999.073 (Increment compared to one month ago: 88.952) .org 3.138.385 (Increment compared to one month ago: 37.607) .info 1.919.331 (Increment compared to one month ago: 683.846) .biz 1.041.432 (Increment compared to one month ago: 13.118) .us 881.411 (Increment compared to one month ago: 6.395)

ICANN Registrar: jp-domains for anybody

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

Cologne, October 10 2004. ICANN Registrar Secura announces today, that repparttar company is now acceptingrepparttar 108253 registration of jp-domains from companies andindividuals outside of Japan.

The jp-domains arerepparttar 108254 domains of Japan. The jp-domains belong torepparttar 108255 popular domains in Asia.

You need a local contact to register these domain. ICANN accredited registrar Secura provides automatically this local contact inrepparttar 108256 registration process, if you have not a registered business in Japan.

There are domains at .jp and at .co.jp. You have to pay forrepparttar 108257 more attractive domains at .jp 300 US-Dollars per year. It is paradox: But you have to invest 4000 US-Dollar inrepparttar 108258 first year, if you want a co.jp-domain, as you need for a co.jp- domain a Japanese business licence. In this price of 4000 US-Dollars is not only

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