8 Lessons for Businesswomen Racing to Build a New World

Written by Laurel Delaney

I read Laura Hillenbrand's thrilling story, "Seabiscuit: An American Legend," and couldn't help but recognizerepparttar parallel between women in repparttar 131141 business world and that of a great racehorse who has a fighting spirit like no other. Inrepparttar 131142 race to build a new world, let's examine repparttar 131143 eight lessons women can learn from Seabiscuit,repparttar 131144 horse that achieved greatness while captivating our imaginations.

1). Learn your horse or person.

Let's face it. Women can be mysterious -- happy one day, sadrepparttar 131145 next. We can be ruthless but charming. Yet, for a woman to do well inrepparttar 131146 business world, she needs a close observer who knows her, realizes her potential, cultivates it and sees that others get out of her way to enable her success.

Women must actively identify executives who have clout in an organization and with whom they have rapport and ask them to be mentors. Mentors help women learn what goes on in boardrooms and how executives make critical decisions. In other words, a mentor must "learnrepparttar 131147 woman," for her to do well.

2). Make friends.

Just as Seabiscuit required loyal animal companions to feel safe, secure and ready to do his best, women needrepparttar 131148 same inrepparttar 131149 workplace. When you develop loyal friends, you learn how to relax and do your best work.

3). Turn your competitive instincts outward.

Competitive instincts turned outward are good, but when competitive instincts are turned inward, it's disastrous. Why? For a horse, it happens whenrepparttar 131150 jockey holdsrepparttar 131151 reigns too tight. For women, it's when a person cuts her no slack and fails to provide respect, appreciation and acknowledgment of her existence inrepparttar 131152 business world. If you loosenrepparttar 131153 grip on a horse's reigns, she's free to take off. If you loosenrepparttar 131154 grip on "cat-fight" scenarios andrepparttar 131155 "good ole' boy's" network, a businesswoman is bound to take off and flourish.

4). Do only what you want to do.

The trainer for Seabiscuit transformed him into a pliant, happy horse. How? He vouched to never again use force onrepparttar 131156 horse or to make him do what he didn't want to do. Women don't want to be told what to do. They know what to do. Let them do it.

Create Your Own Local Cable Women in Business Program

Written by Jerrilynn B. Thomas

You're probably thinking that you will never have a cable business program. Anything is possible if you are creative and aggressive enough to go after your PR dreams. One ofrepparttar first things that I instruct clients who use my PR makeover service to do is package their products and service to enhance their PR appeal. Wouldn't it be great if you could package yours into a business program that is featured on your local cable station? Well today we are going to outlinerepparttar 131139 format for a women in business cable program.

You have to decide if it is going to be a talk, makeover, or news style program. The style ofrepparttar 131140 program should reflect your PR goals and communication strengths. If your business solves a problem, then a makeover program would be perfect for you. If you are skilled at getting people to open up to you, then use a talk program format. The news format is perfect for women who are extremely organized and adept at doing research.

Once you've decided onrepparttar 131141 program style, work on your concept. Your new program must capturerepparttar 131142 audience's attention. Will your news program report about onrepparttar 131143 online women in business market? Will your makeover program show women how to give their web sites a professional look? Will your talk program feature women who own sites hosted by you? How long will berepparttar 131144 program be? Will it be a daily, weekly, or monthly program?

Location is everything! It setsrepparttar 131145 mood for your program. Do you plan on using a studio, your home, or local places to tape your program. It all depends onrepparttar 131146 image that you want to project. A formal business look can be achieved by taping in a studio. Taping from your home office maximizesrepparttar 131147 image of running a successful online home-based business. Using a different locale for each show enhancesrepparttar 131148 appeal of a fun business program. All three location choices are perfect for any ofrepparttar 131149 program styles.

So far I've covered your program style, concept and location. Now it is time to work on your content. Content is queen! You can have repparttar 131150 best style, concept, and location and still have a bad program if your content is dull. Outline your debut show. Keep in mind that your program must feature your products and services. Jot down what is different and exciting about them. Ask yourself how you can fit them intorepparttar 131151 style ofrepparttar 131152 program to spotlight your business without it being too advertorial.

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